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Strange Trend Animal Deaths Birds of Minnesota

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Strange Trend Animal Deaths Birds of Minnesota

by Veronica Davis Wednesday  2018-10-10

Strange Behavior is something we should consider serious most specially when wildlife is no long acting normal. While it is true that birds can act drunk from too much sugar ingested but let us not cross out chemtrails or high strong sun radiation or heat exhaustion. One cannot cross out why they are crashing into windows. Are the birds dying due to a lack of water. Perhaps leaving clean water for them outside will help. They need our help.

Are they warning us extinction level? Are we next? Usually it can indicate a sign of a bad omen for Minnesota. Read Nation Against Nation Trend: Deep State War Games Red October Surprise? October 09, 2018

On October 5 Minnesota news reporter stated "Are the birds in Gilbert actually drunk?"

Human Crisis Hurricane Michael A Path of Destruction Cat ..

by Veronica Davis Wednesday  2018-10-10

Expect the unexpected. Where did it gets its strength is unreal.

On Saturday and Sunday Nicaragua had intense rainfall next the Key West area in Florida a couple of days ago. Now Panama City feels the pain. A monsterous of a storm that began on Saturday as a tropical storm to a Hurricane 2 to what now is being described as a category 3 as 18 hours ago it was a category 4. What a strange hurricane.

#Hurricane #Michael's pressure continues to drop - now to 923 hPa.  Only 4 hurricanes on record have hit the continental US with a lower pressure: Labor Day (1935), Camille (1969), Andrew (1992), Katrina (2005).

At 11:54 AM on Wednesday Oct 10, 2018 the Eyewall of Hurricane Michael came ashore along the coast of the Florida Panhandle between St. Vincent Island and Panama City.

18 hours ago from 5 pm central time October 10 2018

Human Crisis 23,000 Nicaraguan Have Left to Costa Rica

Veronica Davis Wednesday  2018-10-10

Nicaragua has been in a major human crisis as the poor get their lives torn apart. Where faith is being shattered by the Communist Country dictatorship. According to the Naciones Unidas para los Refugiados (ACNUR) or National United for Refugees, reports are stating that 23, 000 Nicaraguan have fled from the civil war leaving families and lives destroyed for generations since July of this year. But I believe the numbers are much more. In some incidences the Costa Ricans welcome the Nicaraguan victims of Civil War but in some occasion the help they are getting is not enough.

Learn more about the Nicaraguan Crisis

According to a recent article and tweet from the Nicaragua Presa "Forced displacement of the population "has a direct impact on mental health and mental health makes the person susceptible to other diseases," warn specialists #SOSNicaragua ":

Strange Unexplained Trend: Animal Invasion Thousands Moths in France

by Veronica Davis Wednesday  2018-10-10

When thousands of Moths appear in the village of Dortan and Oyonnax Eastern France almost a month ago it reminded me of the true treasures in Heaven found in the sacred scriptures.

Yahweh Jesus Christ is letting us know that the buildings or any physical things are of little importance.  The physical world is of little importance  but rather to focus on the non physical such as the spiritual.  Because physical world has created the tangible thing on Earth created through obtaining wealth and power the material.  None of this matters in Heaven. We learn of this secret when Yahweh Jesus Christ justifies what are the true treasures in Heaven, in the sacred scriptures in the Gospel of Saint Matthew chapter 6 verse 19:

Do not store up treasures for yourselves on Earth, where moth and woodworm destroy them and thieves break in and steal. But store up treasures for yourselves in Heaven, where neither moth nor wormwood destroys them and thieves cannot break in and steal. For wherever your treasure is, there will your heart be too.**

Horrifying footage shows how a swarm of thousands of moths has invaded a small French town

End Times signs latest strangest events october 1 2018 the moths footage starts at 5 min

Nation Against Nation Trend: Deep State War Games Red October Surprise?

Veronica Davis   2018-10-09

"The reason why Kavanaugh is being taken down is because the Deep State which relies heavily on the Democrats is terrified of military tribunals..We are still in a state of War..Technically the United States is in a state of War"..says Robert David Steele on the October 5, 2018 as a guest for X22Report Spotlight. This is said days before Judge Supreme Justice Brett Kavanaugh is selected this Saturday.

What most people around the world are probably not aware is that the United States quietly is getting prepared for  what exactly in October. While the Americans are speaking about Coup and Military tribunals others are talking extinction level.

On October 3 An emergency test alert system preparation in the United States where 225 million cell phones went off at 2:18 pm eastern time a test coordinated by FEMA , Federal Emergency Management Agency . But not everyone received the Alert so does that mean some will be saved while other will not? The next day on October 4, 2018 Unknown warships are increasing in size off the coast of Granada listen to Florida Marquis diverse investigation online.

So what kind of coalition could this be? A Communist coalition such countries involved are Russia , China, Venezuela, Cuba and others could be on the list.

During the United Nations 73rd General Assembly  on September 26, President of the United States increases communist awareness against the Venezuelan Rogue Regime. Could Mayor of Puerto Rico betray its country. Puerto Rico historical holds a grudge historically. Also Puerto Rico Mayor has strong ties to the deep state ex President of United State Obama and Hillary Clinton and Rothschild connections. Listen to Florida Marquis report on video called Puerto  Rican Puppet Orders Military Event in Venezuela the trap is set

Now the tensions are building up in the Caribbean Ocean waters as the Mayor offers Puerto Rico as an important playground for war games where over 40 unknown country of origin military vessels are parked in Carribean sea.


 Could we also say that perhaps some kind of Hurricane storm creators are being manipulated in these waters.

Mythological creatures are being seen by people around the world. Never before has human kind been molded into a design such as what they call designer babies. Trans-humanism and conversions of History through technology and science. Steve Quayle says that they are making synthetic eggs out of the bloodstream. Antisquare Antichrist intelligence is what he refers to Antichrist Inquisition.  As God Jesus Christ says there will no flesh left alive. Steve Quayle and other people like another investigative journalist Linda Moulton Howe both have pointed out that the Human Race is under Extinction level.

In Australia we are seeing the Red Cross in need blood donations for Satanic rituals. In Arkansas the earth has mysteriously had a pit opening up from the ground with flames of fire shooting up over 10 feet high. Now are we just misinformed what is happening in the unknown realm of humanity where the bad is fighting the good. Arkansas has just recently openly raised a Baphomet statue a statue known to symbolize Satanic worshiping. Not to mention that Arkansas is the home town of the Clinton's known as the deep state saboteurs. Now the great news of having a Catholic Judge like Brett Kavanaugh is that not only will abortion be reversed but there is talk of military tribunals that will start in the United States against many government officials involved in pedophilia and satanic worshiping.

October 9, 2018

What Time Is It Dr Michael Brown on The Jim Bakker Show

Lights Out! West Plots Russia Land Invasion and Black Out by Trunews

Extinction Level

October 8, 2018

((Evil)) Red October - Steve Quayle by Steve Quayle October 8, 2018

Linda Moulton Howe - Mysterious Outpost Interview by Earthfiles May 2018

October 8, 2018

Brett Kavanaugh Confirmed by Endtimes Ministries 

Armada off Granada as Venezuela defies the U.S. Corporation!

October 6, 2018


October 5, 2018


Deep State Panic, Arrests & Military Tribunals Around The Corner: Robert David Steele X22Report Spotlight Published on Oct 5, 2018

October 4, 2018


Americans Ignore Heaven's Emergency Alert by TruNews on Oct 3, 2018

September 26, 2018

President of Bolivia openly condemns the United States stating historical dates such as 1953 and 1979 putting the Iranian government as victims of the United State siege. 'The United States is exporting coups worldwide in an open security council meeting as he also discusses the President of Bolivia Evo Morales United States interference Globally" says Doc Burkhart from Trunews on Sep 26, 2018 (23min)

TruNews at United Nations: Day 3 #TruNewsUNGA

September 24, 2018

Look Who the RED CROSS is Teaming Up Hacking the headlines

September 20, 2018

FEMA Surprise For October?! Hurricane Florence, Presidential Alert!! by Truthunveiled777

August 19, 2018

Something very wicked is happening in arkansas by truthunveiled777

Strange Trend Mysterious Animals Bigfoot, Sasquatch, ...

The strange trend of mysterious animals or creatures will be excessively increasing as the hybrid and chimeras agenda will come out of the dark into the light over the course of the century.....

The wicked flee, when no one pursues,
But the righteous are bold as a Lion. (Ps 53:5)

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