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Celestial Trends End Times Trumpet Sound in Chile June 2018

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Celestial Trends End Times Trumpet Sound in Chile June 2018

by Veronica Davis 2018-06-09

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End Time Trumpets Apocalyptic or a warning from the Heavens. Will the planet suffer naturally.  A mysterious man made experiment. On June 7, 2018 in Talcahuano, Chile people witnessed sounds heard from the skies in the middle of the night dogs barked and howled. Witnesses calling the sounds as the apocolyptic Trumpet sounds from the Book of Revelations.

Is it Celestial or man made. Is God Warning us that the End times is near as described by  Jesus Christ in the Book of Saint Matthew chapter 24. Jesus  answered to the 12 disciples when asked what would be the  of the signs of his second coming.

Some calling the trumpet sounds more as man made. Perhaps the answer lies in the biggest collider man made called Cern a satanic weapon.  Or perhaps a military experiment  such as Haarp can also be the Answer. Other believe that the "earth is shifting....think of what huge plates of the earth that contains metals and rock would sound like if sliding against each other.. as it has been happening for a few years world wide ". on Youtube on Twitter on facebook on Google Plus

This twitter feed claims the sound awoke people in the #Talcahuano, #Chile at 4 am. Another feed explained it was the sound of whales.

Las trompetas del apocalipsis se sienten en Talcahuano, Chile, 07.06.2018

Strange trumpet sounds in the skies in Talcahuano, Chile 8 June 2018

I have personally experienced the sounds in Decemeber 2017 in the North American continent in Canada, Manitoba. The trumpet sound went on from about 9:50 pm to 10:20 pm. I believe these sounds sound streaking in the sky. The sounds of the asteroids passing by the Earth producing a streaky high pitch metal sound.

Invisible Warfare

On June 9, 2018 All Pipeline website reports a story entitled 'Invisible Warfare': Sonic Attack Victims On The Rise - What The Heck Is Going On And Why Has The U.S. Not Evacuated China And Cuban Embassies? it may be another answer to the sounds being produced:

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But it is not the first time heard in Chile Talcahuano that they have heard strange eerie sounds. As reported by a local Chilean news report in 2013. The natives in Chile claim those sounds have been heard before an Earthquake. But in comparing one sound to the other , they are totally different in pitch. In 2013 it was heard at 1:30 am as 3 explosions not trumpet sounds.

In conclusion looking at above first ventusky image, at the time of the June 7, 2018 reported strange trumpet sound there was a bizzare wind tunnel. The Wind could be the cause of the strange sound as the winds changed to 17 mph to null then to again 17 mph as it reached Talcahuano.

More imagery of June 7, 2018 South Pacific Ocean is busy with  ocean whirls and other anomolies. The southern coastline part of Chile was pounded with heavy winds above 39- 70  mph at Lat.: 51°4'S / Lon.: 74°52'W / Altitude: 2m 4 degrees celcius.

Ruidos apocal铆pticos atemorizan a ciudadanos de Talcahuano

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