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 Fireball Trend Heavenly Fireballs Seen This Weekend Worldwide 2017

Monday 2017-11-27

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Are we experiencing Angel Wars from the Heaven's above. A spiritual warfare unseen to the human eye. To receive recent trends around the world , subscribe to megatrndz on twitter simply click on megatrndz below

What were the mysterious fireballs coming from the Heaven's. The American Meteor Society reports Meteor Activity Outlook for November 25-December 1, 2017

On November 26, 2017 Pastor Paul Begley reports Breaking "Massive Meteor Fireball Explodes In United Kingdom (Apocalyptic Signs) since 10,150 views already on this story.

On November 26, 2017 According to the American Meteor Society there were over 41 reported meteors in the United States alone between Texas and Oklahoma Border.

On November 25, the Scotts News did a report about a man named Thibaut Alexandre witnessed seeing :

- Yesterday morning at the Herbiers in the Vendée, at around 8:45 a. m., I saw a great green fluorescent train located North-West, going from the North and going down to the West, it only lasted a fraction of a second... It looked like a fireworks trail, but very high in the sky and almost parallel to the horizon line... - Hello Bernard, and thank you very much for your testimony. According to the description, you had the chance to observe a daytime fireball. It so happens that there was one of them observed in the North-West of France this Saturday morning, around 8:15 am. I think it's about this one.

And so The American Meteor Society reported 53 cases of seen fireballs reported on the website on November 25, 2017 for the UK, FRANCE area.

However it was just a few days ago that Scott Sutherland a Canadian writer for the Weather Networks Antares rocket burn-up over Prairies reveals space junk risk stated:

At just around midnight, central time, over Alberta and Saskatchewan, a piece of flaming debris from space slowly tracked across the sky. The event caught the attention of some lucky local residents, some of whom noted that this was not a typical fireball.

A meteor fireball is the bright flash of light that results from a meteoroid entering Earth's atmosphere. These are pieces of ice or rock that have been floating around in space for a very long time, even going back to the birth of the solar system. These meteoroids travel at speeds of tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of kilometres per hour, so when they streak across the sky, they are typically gone in a matter of seconds.

 The Antares rocket body orbital track, point of re-entry into Earth's atmosphere. Credit:


A magnificent fireball was captured by Mikkel Valentin Hansen from Stege, Denmark on November 8, 2017

Mysterious Booms 2017

On November 23, 2017 The Scottish Sun reported

Ground Shakes and Gun Shots what exactly are we analysing coming from the Heaven's. Many times these mysterious sounds are unexplained. Obviously it is not one's own imagination as the strange sounds are reported my many.

Mystery Booms, strange sounds being heard Worldwide! SOLVED ... EXPLAINED... ANSWERS
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