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Venice, Rome, Mexico Shorelines Water Recession

Strange Trend  Venice, Rome, Mexico Shorelines Water Recession
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Climate Chaos
An Abnormal January had massive Animal Deaths

Strange Trend: Venice, Rome, Mexico Shorelines Water Recession


But another event that was concerning Europeans in Venice was the water disappearing along the shorelines. Now this event has occurred many times during the Hurricane season around the shorelines in the Atlantic Ocean on the United States.

Some are mentioning the fact that the super blood moon blue moon lunar eclipse caused the water to recede.

Finding the true cause may be fine and dandy, but where is the ocean water disappearing to. Is there something in the ocean swallowing up the water.

A day before on September 9, 2017 Hurricane Irma had people from Long Island all the way to the Bahamas were noticing the strange phenomena.

Strange Trend: Abnormal Animal Deaths 


Today heavy snow buried cars in Japan and in Ile-de-France region covered snow on the streets in late Feb. 6 and into Feb. 7 causing chaos in the Paris metropolitan area.

Zagora. Morocco desert snow on January 29, 2018.

Not seen snow since 40 years ago, in the Middle East in the northern Tabuk region of Saudi Arabia on Jan. 26, 2018l

On the fourth week  of January, Geostorm is what some were calling it. Whether or not you believe is global warming or global warning the worst is taking place as temperatures in many  places where it is hot was colder than ever such as in Florida, or countries such as in Mexico. But to the countries that are use to the cold, the extreme was taking place. People and Animals were experiencing unprecedented events.  Hares and Dog frozen to death as temperatures reach -56 c in Kazakhstan on January 24, 2018.

Two weeks prior, during the Bomb Cycle the North Carolina's Shalotte River in the United States had strange photos all over the media as Alligator froze and Iguana's dropped frozen.

Eerie scenes as animals FREEZE SOLID as temperatures drop to MINUS 68F in Kazakhstan
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A Literal "Geostorm" Event Just Happened with over 118,113 views since its january 28, 2018.

January 24, 2018

But the New Year actually began with frozen sharks as Atlantic White Shark Conservacy warned beware the Arctic outbreak on January 2, 18. In Massachusetts, the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy found three thresher sharks washed up in Cape Cod, “stranded due to cold shock,” which can cause cardiac arrest in animals.

Then three days later reports of frozen iguanas raining down from trees as social media called it an iguanocalypse in Florida. Manatees were seeking out warmer water during a January 8, 2018 cold snap.