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Strange Trend : Unpredictable Celestial Objects hitting the Earth

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Strange Trend : Unpredictable Celestial Objects hitting the Earth

2018-01-24 11:00 am 
#deepimpact #asteroid

Well if you think the world can not get any weirder. What is being planned in their Agenda. Are we being told the truth when it comes to celestial events impacting the Earth. This past week raised many unanswered questions from Governments and Institutions. The Topic of our safety is never brought up.

Should we be preparing for a deep impact. Now we know now that No government out there will let us the public know if the Earth will be hit by an Asteroid.

Such was the case on January 18, 2018

So there was reports of a blue beam seen in Michigan fireball Event same day coming from the sky.
Now having a laser shoot an asteroid impacting the Earth has long been kept secret and is not being admitted by the Governments in fear of was braking of where the fragments will land.

January 17, 2018 

Over 397 different Fireballs were reported in 13 different States in United States over a span of an hours.

Fireballs have increased from 2016 from 500 fireballs to over 5,000 fireballs in 2017.

  January 18, 2018

10:43 am a Secretive Mysterious Asteroid Trend Deep Impact Asteroid 2018 BD Just Missed the Earth by 22, 000 miles and NASA never told us four days later.

Large Humm is Heard in Mill Woods Edmonton.

Frank Florian a RASC member: fireball at 5:22 local time, ENE at starting at 40 degrees up, broke apart around 25 to 30 degrees, small piece brighten up to about -7 follow by the large piece burst estimated around -12 in hazy cloud. Report TWOSE. Fort McMurray, and Edmonton sightings of Fireballs were reported.

Below is a photo of Hunters Recover First Meteorites From Michigan Fireball so today it is something small we are looking for but reaching the Earth's atmosphere brings huge security issues.

January 19, 2018
Rocket over Japan

January 22, 2018
National newspaper admits Geoengineering could cause war among Nations.

Geoengineering could reverse climate change but might have dire effects if abruptly stopped: study

Russian Vessel with Spy Equipment off Coast of South Carolina Boynton Beach Florida target on Congress ave strange containers

January 23, 2017

January 23, 2018

 Mysterious Containers pop up in Boyton Florida with Mobile Mini containers. What are they preparing for the Country.
So far in the market daily website today entitled Mobile Mini Inc (MINI) Stake Raised by Atria Investments LLC Posted by Sarita Garza on Jan 23rd, 2018 there has been a very interesting report about an 28% increase of certain investments.:

Atria Investments LLC increased its stake in Mobile Mini Inc (NASDAQ:MINI) by 27.6% in the 4th quarter, according to the company in its most recent 13F filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The fund owned 17,148 shares of the industrial products company’s stock after buying an additional 3,707 shares during the quarter. Atria Investments LLC’s holdings in Mobile Mini were worth $592,000 as of its most recent SEC filing.

What is very vague about these mysterious containers is the video producer thought it was crazy it just appeared at a Target Parking Lot. He mentions remember what is going on in Fort Lauderdale. What about Jade Helm and Walmart and Fema Camps. Today the mysterious containers were locked and dozens of rows of these mobile mini containers were out in the open.

 On September 20, 2017  Mobile Mini Post A home for the Homeless in the UK explain how:

Mobile Mini can also offer support to any non-profit or voluntary organisations through our Community Involvement Programme which offers free of charge container hire. For a worthy cause, all of the company’s 16 nationwide branches can donate up to ten containers a year, at no cost, for up to six months.

The company wants people to keep their eyes peeled naming their own hashtag. But they are not direct with why they are telling people to do such cause of action:

In a Tweet done by They post a video on their Customized Tank & Pump Solutions with Blue World Remediation. #waterandpumps 

Evacuation Order Trend : Mayon Volcano

2018-01-22 4:00pm by Veronica Davis
#MayonVolcano #mayonvolcanoeruption

On January 24, 2018 Update on Evacuation Orders has increased in the past couple of days from 34, 000 to  54,000 people.

Evacuation Order Trend

Read Full Report on   As the Mayon StratoVolcano shuts down city of Legazpi

Let us build a better society and build a better community world wide, leave a positive comment below and let us make sense to the what is happening around us. We are not alone! 

The Deception Trend : DACA then It is Dream Act Now

2018-01-22 4:00pm by Veronica Davis

#governmentshutdown2018 #shutdown2018 #dreamactnow

United States Government Shutdown January 22, 2018

Monday, January 22, 2018 after three days of the Government Shutdown, President Donald Trump is pleased and finally has given his statement through Sarah Huckabee Sanders "democrats in Congress have come to their senses"referring to the Government shut down. Furthermore, the United States President says that the Democrats are “ willing to fund our great military, border patrol, first responders and insurance for vulnerable children,” .

Every year, the United States Government Shuts down about one thing or another. Or the fact that they are using the Dreamers as an excuse this year is ridiculous. DACA no longer exists since President Donald Trump cancelled it in September 2017 as unlawful.

I am very much sure President Donald Trump will be passing some new law to keep the Dreamers.
But many are still confused about DACA. There is more of the deception as the has reported that there is not just 800,000 dreamers but actually 3.5 million.

Some reporters are still calling DACA as "an undead zombie DACA" according to the report written by Eric Columbus today"Trump Could Save DACA If He WantedThe president has the power to reverse his decision—he doesn’t actually need a deal in Congress."

I really do not think President Donald Trump would ever revive an act written by the Obama Government. It not like the President but what he may do is continue on working on the new act called the Dreamer Act.

Today Skywatch Tv host says that the Government shut down has nothing to do with the Dreamers, the children that came to the United States several years without a US citizen status. "Let us face it the national democratic party ...that really got a shot in winning the nomination are rich old white people...This is not about inclusiveness.. or opening up America and its opportunities to other people ..Survival of the democratic Party. He continues on the say that the next generation or wave of immigrants tend to vote more and more conservative. So the democrats wants to prevent the border wall. It is only the first generation of immigrants that vote mostly democrats.

Evidence points to the Obama administration using the FBI and the NSA to spy on Donald Trump during the presidential campaign. This is far worse than anything Richard Nixon was accused of in 1972.

Five in Ten 1/22/18: Way Worse Than Watergate

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Let us build a better society and build a better community world wide, leave a positive comment below and let us make sense to the what is happening around us. We are not alone! 

When Angels Speak to Us in Numbers and Figures Repetition Trend

2018-01-22 by Veronica Davis

An invisible World War 3 is being played out with us not being aware. Out in the Pacific Ocean and we must PRAY to keep us safe as the Rogue Nations create a secretive battle in the skies.

On Episode 9 The Lord has sent me The Red Dragon and the Women message and so many FROGS find out and listen what it all can mean. Watch and listen to videos below.

Revelation 12:17 The Red Dragon and the Woman

The Frog Trend

The Frog Plague

Has this happened to you! Angels getting your attention part 1

Why so many FROGS the ANGEL sends me ! part 2

Where will God send the plague of the Frogs 2018

  Numbers Send in Dollar Signs

Take Notice it is real.
 The Angels are telling us to pay attention to what is to come ahead.
I think it is so humourous
Most people say that God is humourous and I am beginning to think too.

Jan 21, 2018 2 grocery receipts I purchased cost at the same time $12.16 and $12.17

Thursday Jan 18, 2018 Revlon Ambassador Gal Gadot Beauty for Ashes Episode 7 part 1
Episode 7 part 2: will @revlon respond publicly defend Gal Gadot

Isaiah 61

Beauty For Ashes

 Beauty For Ashes by Joyce Meyer

While I was doing research into Beauty for Ashes and what it meant I found her talking about a Frog.
She mentioned Exodus 8 and the Frog Plague.
But the funny thing was that I had purchased that day earlier a shower curtain.
 Normally I do not buy what I do not need. 
But it instantly caught my attention. All the beautiful frogs on  the shower curtain.

Instantly I thought to myself, well what is God trying to reveal. I am certain that I have been asking him for guidance.
But I have not paid attention that all along the week he has been sending me signs.
I believe God sends us our guardian angels that walk next to us on a daily life.
The Angels are our best friends as they guide us into revealing God's true purpose in life.
If we allow God into our daily lives he will show us how life should be.
He plays out little games with us.
In riddles I suppose.
He wants us to not just walk with him but take notice to our surroundings on a daily time.
Sometimes it is the Events happening around us that he is trying to reveal.
This past week events in the political arena and social arena play alot with the Biblical Times God brought about in the Bible.

The Frog Trend

Then on Friday I was watching the Secret of the Navy on the History Channel. The frogs appeared again. The History Channel was narrating how the Seal 6 started out in the 1960 known also in the cartoon series as the Green Frogs. Today their is a team of Navy called the Leaping Frogs that perform their skills throughout the United States .

So because the false missile warnings from Hawaii and Japan may be related to the navy seals or Seal 6 and secretive operations occuring in the Pacific Ocean. There are some strange deep earthquakes no one is really talking about in the Pacific Ocean on Jan 14, 2018.

The Frog Plague
One particular Event God wants us to take notice is that we may be in The Biblical Times of the Frog Trend.
One must take notice what the Frogs did to the People of Israel. God also sent out the Frogs to the People of Israel not just to Egypt.
God told Moses that they must turn into their ways to the Lord.
Overall there are strange secretive events occurring in the Pacific ocean that will bring further disasters to the Pacific Coastline. In is important to be on High Alert all of  the Pacific Coast Line as strong Earthquakes may be triggered with warfare devices and weapons used by Rogue Nations an invisible World War 3.

On January 11, 2018 Frogs start behaving weird and are in abnormal hibernation.

On January 4, 2018 Iguanas were frozen in Florida as the temperatured dipped too cold for them to be mobile. Dropping from the trees but yet still alive.

2018 Trends This Week 4

2018-10-21 8:00 pm

So if you love Megatrndz Trends you will continue loving newer trends that keep surfacing the world.

Eager to find out what is happening this weeks trends around the Globe.

But this week the  Climate Chaos Trend  takes charge as nature misbehaves in some parts of the world.

While the Evacuation Order Trend  and   Volcano Eruption Trend  are in full swing in some communities .

The   Full Moon Disaster Correlation Trend  keeps others are spreading notice in good faith things not to do during the January 31, 2017 Full Moon omens.

 The CME Trend   as the new Coronal Massive Ejection today will bring dangerous conditions and trigger abnormal condition into Earth's Atmosphere.

Watch out for people with heart and respiratory conditions.

Still thinking if the  Fireball Trend that occured this past week are actually natural or man made.

But were you even aware that  Asteroid Trend came back again as another close encounter with the Earth by 0.1 Lunar Distance on January 18, 2018  when the Asteroid 2018 BD passed.

Meanwhile the  Q Anon Trend 
Drops another phrase as 1775 seems to be connected to President Trump' Flag in his office.

While TV Shows continue to point the  Biological Weapon Trend for massive animal beheaded deaths.

So the third week of 2018 has ended as it started and continue to create
 False Missile Alert Trend 
from Hawaii and then continuing to  Japan and then NC received a false nuclear radiation threat.
The Sinkhole Trend made a come back in the  Pennsylvania  part of the United States.

But although the trends are a bit disappointing knowing its true nature tells me that further research and background must follow throughout the week.

Stay tune to find out more of the truth as megatrndz continues its search and faith in the Lord's true purpose and let us help him fight the battle in defending his truth and glory with grace and Love.

Earthquakes Continue Around Pacific Coast

Deep Earthquake Trend

#deepearthquakes today Depth in Km

Sunday January 21 2018, 11:52:26 UTC 13 hours ago 68km WNW of Abra Pampa, Argentina 4.6 mag 256.9 km depth
Sunday January 21 2018, 08:40:32 UTC 17 hours ago 131km WSW of Colchani, Bolivia 4.2 mag 210.9 depth
Sunday January 21 2018, 17:00:44 UTC 8 hours ago 13km E of Tokoroa, New Zealand 4.4 mag 197.2 depth Sunday January 21 2018, 17:51:58 UTC 7 hours ago 8km SSW of San Andres, Colombia 4.8mag 166.3
Sunday January 21 2018, 11:40:47 UTC 14 hours ago 196km SSE of Lata, Solomon Islands 4.7mag 132.0 depth
Monday January 22 2018, 00:53:27 UTC 52 minutes ago 43km ENE of Villa Rica, Peru 5.0mag 117.3

Earthquake Trend: 6.3 mag strikes in Baja California

2018-01-19 3:50 pm
#earthquakes #gulfofcalifornia #climatechaos #whirlwinds

There were 3 ocean quakes in the gulf of California approximately 5 hours ago.

Friday January 19 2018, 16:17:49 UTC 5 hours ago Gulf of California. 6.1 magnitude 11.0 km depth GeoScience Australia

Friday January 19 2018, 16:17:46 UTC 5 hours ago 69km NE of Loreto, Mexico 6.5 magnitude 16.0 km depth
Friday January 19 2018, 16:17:42 UTC 5 hours ago 77km NNE of Loreto, Mexico 6.3 10.0

Several Whirlwinds present in the Pacific Ocean waters as the wind gusts over 82 mph near Japan.

whirlwinds Pacific Ocean 6.5 mag Gulf of California earthquakes 2018

Three small Quakes in Canada today January 19, 2018.

Beauty Trend: Revlon's Award Rejected Beauty for Ashes

#beauty #revlon #revlonawards

Listen to  megatrndz show hosted by Veronica Davis where she discusses
Revlon Ambassador Gal Gadot Beauty for Ashes Episode 7 part 1

 Episode 7 part 2: will @revlon respond publicly defend Gal Gadot

So far Gal Gadot been named GQ’s ‘Wonder Woman of the Year’ .. Read full report  Beauty Trend: Revlon's Award Rejected Beauty for Ashes

Sonic Boom, Meteor, Fireball 

#meteor #earthquakes "empattack #nasawarplan #pacificcoastline #directenergyweapon #climatechange #climatechaos #silentweapon, #massgenocideplan

The Fireballs from January 16, 2018 meteor or meteors spanned over six states and Canada. ...

Tectonic Plates Moving Australian Continent 

#earthquakes "empattack #nasawarplan #pacificcoastline #directenergyweapon #climatechange #climatechaos #silentweapon, #massgenocideplan

Read Full Report Tectonic Plates Moving Australian Continent 

 Climate Chaos Trend   Unusual Earthquake Trend     Missile Alert Trend  Tesla Technology Trend   Laser Technology Trend   Mass Genocide Plan Trend  Direct Energy Weapon Trend   Emp Attack Trend  CME Trend

Climate Chaos: Unusual Earthquake Trend


#earthquakes "empattack #nasawarplan #pacificcoastline #directenergyweapon #climatechange #climatechaos #silentweapon, #massgenocideplan

Today Tuesday January 16, 2018 there was a couple of very rare and deep ocean quakes 625 km deep out in the Pacific Ocean near .  Read More Climate Chaos Trend and Unusual Earthquake Trend


Tuesday January 16 2018, 19:57:17 UTC 58 minutes ago 145km NNW of Ndoi Island, Fiji 5.9 mag 659.4 km deep USGS Feed

Tuesday January 16 2018, 19:57:14 UTC 58 minutes ago Fiji Islands Region 5.7 km 620.0 km deep GeoScience Australia

Earthquake Prediction Trend: Was the 7.3 Earthquake Peru Predicted

2018-01-14 12:00 am

Missile Alert Trend: False Threat Hawaii

2018-01-13 4:00pm

#Hawaii #BallisticMissle #EAS
Four Hours Ago a sigh of relief but also upsetting people about the false alarm threat issued by Hawaii.Continue Reading Missile Alert Trend: False Threat Hawaii

Listen to the megatrndz show episode 5 part 1 and part 2 make sure to leave your comment below. Be part of the megatrndz community. Are the Emergency Alert System being used for the Right Reasons or should we be concerned? Real Threat or Are we not being told the Truth.

#Hawaii #BallisticMissle Was the Ballistic Missile Launch Hawaii a Mistake

#Hawaii #BallisticMissle God Bless Safety First Children put in Drain Sewers

Human Crisis Trend: The Real Leaders

January 12, 2018   2:30 pm Veronica Davis
#Dreamers #DreamActNow #DACA #defendtps #AmericasMeltingPot #DiversityIsStrength #Dreamers #WeAreALLImmigrants

How can one build faith in hard and lost times..Read full report Human Crisis Trend: The Real Leaders

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