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Human Crisis Trend: The Real Leaders

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Human Crisis Trend: The Real Leaders

January 12, 2018   2:30 pm Veronica Davis
#Dreamers #DreamActNow #DACA #defendtps #AmericasMeltingPot #DiversityIsStrength #Dreamers #WeAreALLImmigrants

How can one build faith in hard and lost times.
You know each time I write or do a video about the TPS , DACA, or about the Dreamers I have a hard time writing.

Because in the middle of all these 800,000 young children in America, I feel they  are being pushed around like cattle .

"They" are Enticing Fear.
There is the one side on the right and there is the other side on the left.

While one side MAY look like they are walking right along these Children.
"MAY" be a deception.

There level of selfishness makes me think that they are bad leaders. 

On the other side, there is the others whom do not want DACA or these 800,00 human beings to ever to be part of the Nation and get thrown out to another. Hence become homeless.

Often these "haters" send rude or nasty comments stating there cruel point of view of  stating their opinion of what they think the country should do with refugees.

These 800,000 are persecuted by the haters. Often targeted.

This reminds me of the time when people use to cut of peoples heads in public or they use to hang people in public. 

Are humans heading back to the dark times.

But beneath it all  this recipe is a whole bunch of nonsense heading for disaster .
Beneath it all lies the real leaders. 
The real leader are the missionaries, the Churches. 
Whom show Compassion for these families and Children that are homeless.

 Let start by talking about the group whom are pretty vocal. The haters of refugees and want the 800,000 children and young adults thrown out of THEIR country. 

THEIR in all caps
These group of haters, are all about ownership not patriotism. Greed.
Whenever I make a video i get a strong  negative response about my videos.
This group of individual do not want to hear compassion or any
  emotional attachment to the human race or the fact that this people were homeless. 

These category of people are usually negative and ignorant.

They are clueless who have not taken there time to even know the truth  of why people are fleeing those countries.

 Why people cannot go back to the country of origin. 

 They always use to term "illegal" "aliens" as if they are some criminal. 

That kind of mentality of always looking down on people.
 Those are the type of people that  boast and ferment hatred throughout social media. 

 You see it everywhere in youtube comments, tweeter replies , facebook replies etc. 

You know what I mean. 

Leave a Positive Comment Below and Make a Positive Difference

That is why it is important to call out the REAL LEADERS of Society.

Watch the below video which I enjoyed and felt some sense of relief that the world is not as crazy as Social Media is putting out to be. 

These are the real leader helping out one another without any selfish agenda behind it.
The video will show you how the Church is extending their hearts in helping Poor Catholics and Christians at a Crossroads.

That they are not alone.
 It is so important to help the weak and not exploit or spread hatred.
Watch the below video entitled " The Church at the Border Catholic Extension"and view yourself how the Catholic Community is being proactive and not despairing the victims fleeing from Violence fermented by drug cartels.

The Church at the Border | Catholic Extension

So even though there are bad leaders who want the Congress to act now and pass DACA.
Those leader do not show patience or love.
Those bad leaders have a hidden negative agenda.
They too share the wrong compassion.
There are so many bad leaders already pushing this children to go and protest only to get themselves arrested.

Instead of waiting patiently , there are many bad leaders telling them to resort to voodoo if it fails. Unbelievable. Here is Ann Navarro "’m not the very religious type, but I do believe in God + the power of prayer. I’m saying a prayer that these policy makers open their hearts & minds and reach a fair and compassionate deal on #Dreamers. And if prayer fails, I’m resorting to voodoo dolls and pins". This is wrong leadership to the vulnerable maybe homeless youths.

For Related Videos also watch " The False Prophets The System Growing into the AI "

Let us build a better society and build a better community world wide, leave a positive comment below and let us make sense to the what is happening. We are not alone!

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