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Designer Car Trend: Amazing Car Designs

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Designer Car Trend: Amazing Car Designs

Its a scene straight out of your imagination. Where has technology taken us. It is as far out as one can image. Ever heard of a Aero Mobil 3.0 or Hum Rider. Ever seen a car, transform into an aeroplane. These videos makes designer vehicles seem easy to create. But are they easy to design. Below is a video that have made over 35 million views so far.

7 Real Transforming Vehicles You Didn't Know Existed

Over 9.6 million views Top 5 Transformers Cars In Real Life 2017

Over 6 Million views Lifesize BumbleBee autobot

Over 1, 118,000 Million views Optimus Prime replica meets the SCREEN-USED Optimus Prime!

Close to 855,000 views here is a video of 6 Cars That Are Real Life Transformers

Strange Events Trend: Mysterious Car Explosions

January 7, 2018   4:00 pm

#horses #horsefires #fires

Is Someone or Some Organization targeting Horses.

Horse Fire Trend

Strange Events are happening all around the world and is anyone talking about it.
But the trend continues as one can relate to another.

On New Years Eve December 31 2017 over 1400  cars were burned at a parking lot in Liverpool. According to a witness Sue Wright, she along with her family saw a car explode in the parking lot next to where they are standing. She described seeing the car small engine explode from a Land Rover.

The Telegraph reported the Merseyside Police saying that the "Initial investigations indicate that an accidental fire within a vehicle caused other cars to ignite.
What was even stranger is that the fire occurred exactly during a horse show in the Echo Liverpool Arena. The Horse Show had been canceled due to the fire. While the Horses were saved in this situation  horses were not saved in another occasion.

Hmm does anyone remember the Fire that just recently occurred in California known as the Laser Trends: California Residents Claim Lasers Caused Fires on December 8, 2017 and the California Fires Who was Helping The Horses San Luis Rey Downs !

Many questions can be asked after this strange event.

But the main question to ask oneself is how can the car engine just mysteriously catch fire as seen by the eye witness in the parking lot.

The strange trend and  laser trend on October 20, 2017 "Strange Trends: Laser Technology Out of Control"  shows in a video posted on that page how the Marines says that the lasers can target as small as  an engine of another boat. The laser is odorless, invisible, and noiseless.

So can we say, the apple does not fall far from the tree.

LIVERPOOL CAR PARK Weird Inferno ALL CARS DESTROYED Concrete Fire Anomalies Close Ups 14,495 views

Climate Chaos Trend: Thousands Trapped Vehicles in SpainJanuary 07, 2018

Listen to the megatrndz show hosted by veronica davis
Episode 2, 2018 Climate Chaos Trend Part 1 and Strange Events Part 2


Strange Events Trend: Mysterious Containers  Weather Wars  

January 5, 2017
#A  #QAnon #calmbeforethestorm #Storm #cabal #deepstate #pedogate #climatechaos #trends #NewYorkCity #boston  #strangeevents #climatechaos #climate #whirlwinds #weatherwars

Strange events are happening. And can we call it  Weather Wars. 

Strange Events Mysterious Containers 51ft waves warning

Warning: January 4, 2018 Last Night Dream revealed dirty water. I believe it is associated with what is happening along the East Coast. So warning to the east coast about the water may not be drinkable or safe.

First, "They " show us in the Hollywood movies Geostom. And now we must ask ourselves is it a geo storm, 

a weather bomb,
weather manipulation
 or God s hand at work.

 Or is it the mysterious containers said to be traveling via water from Canada to the United States, is anyone going to talk about what was in these 7  mysterious containers. Weather wars and why is no one talking about the 51 feet waves just miles off the coast of New York city just yesterday. With such a Gigantic Wave that is not being reported by the media, sounds like something heavy just got dropped from the heavens. To Cause 51 ft waves around the area must of be something deep within the Ocean Waters. Perhaps Classified.

Extreme Storm Surge and Blizzard - Scituate, MA - 1/4/2018 by StormChasingVideo published on Jan 4, 2018

Not Normal Folks. Strange numbers began rolling all around the media articles. One thing is for sure, the silence does not make sense.  Did something just landed off the coast or did it miss the coastline.  Critical questions folks. Mankind was born to think. Let us get the facts straight. Is Anyone buying all of these strange events.

Watch part 3 of megatrndz show hosted by Veronica Davis
Mysterious Containers, 51 ft waves, QAnon, Julian Assange, Paper Airplanes

Executive order trend   blackout trend number trend  q trend 

weather wars trend are the focus of the today

The Megatrndz Show Episode 1 2018

Episode 1 hosted by Veronica Davis

Part 1 Watch video Bombogenesis the B Cycle part 1
Read more Blackout Trend: 65,000 Bomb Cyclone

Part 2 Watch video Are they telling you this! 52 ft waves off New York City Coastline  publishing date 2018 01 04 6 11 37 PM

 Find out more at Weather Manipulation Trend: You will not Believe the Waves

 Part 3 Watch Video 2018   publishing date on 01 05 8 59 43 AM
 Find out more at Mysterious Trend: 7 Mysterious Containers or at

While draining the swamp continues. Just last week, President Donald Trump has posted an Executive Order to seize and freeze assets of anyone who is harming and violating the Human Rights Code. The amount of people known as the Cabal, One World Government, Illuminati whatever you would like to call them is heavily involved in human trafficking, organ trafficking and all kinds of evil slavery human traitors to the human race. The Crooks of the Shadow Government or Deep State. Just a few hours ago , it is being disclosed that the Bill Clinton property near by was seen in flames perhaps there is some hidden truth in there.

And so as the truth warriors on the internet have been deciphering for the last several days the #QAnon posts. Along with the disappearance of Julianne Assange Twitter page and then popping back on mysteriously. One of Julianne Assange last tweets has been Paper Airplane Song by M.I.A. Speculation has it that he is already in United States soil. Others twitter truth warriors are finding some truth of containers that traveling in Canada. The location whearabouts, origin and destination is unknown. What is inside these 7 mysterious Containers is also unknown or not yet being disclosed. It is not good news said to be from evil groups known as a threat. What is it is being disclosed that it is heading to the United States. is posting the youtubers that have disclosed the information about the mysterious containers below.

Stars & Stripes has alot on insight on this topic of #qanon, she titles it, Just In! Just Assange and 2 just exposed..

With already 245,734 views on youtube April LaJune published on Jan 1, 2018 BREAKING: 7 Mysterious Shipping Containers Being Tracked By SERT, QAnon Hints and Julian Assange:

Why are 7 shipping containers being tracked by SEALS and SERT? Congressmen not returning after Holidays? Flights being blocked and transponders down? What hints has QAnon given for the New Year and Julian Assange - where is he now?

Now According to April she says that :
Now these flights are flying at 40 thousand feet which is very unusual for any planes, in particular private jets. You can see in this picture the line which shows where the transponder is turned off. Right now there are 3 planes in the air that we can see and are not showing call signs flying really high especially when you think about the short distance of travel. Usually they don’t fly like this.

I had someone that traveled last week on a flight where the pilot told them that they would be in the total dark so that they would not be detected. Now all this seems so bizarre. But are we seeing in the dark now.

Published on Dec 30, 2017 #QAnon - Something BIG? 24 SUSPECTS, Wikileaks, Soros, Podesta, Las Vegas, Weiner 65,614 views XtremeRealityCheck explains it as:

Breaking the CABAL: NEW Q Anon Christmas, Julian Assange TWITTER taken down before Wikileak document dump, then QAnon posts mysterious "twitter secure" post and the WikiLeaks page goes back up with 24 suspects... and a "secure window of 5-6"

Weather Manipulation Trend: You will not Believe the Waves

January 4, 2017
#blizzard2018  #VIIRS #Storm #StormCarmen #StormEleanor #NewYork #NewYorkCity #climatechaos #climate #whirlwinds

Warning for those living along the coast lines. The Waves get higher and more dangerous. Worst than ever before as seen on Ventusky. Worst wave height on the Earth since 2017. Watch below video and find out what they are not telling you on the media as Bombogenesis. Gets Freakier. Will they tell you about the 51 ft high waves just off the coast of New York City.

Is it no coincidence that the Latitudes are 40 40 N 65 .33 W.  Just what is hiding in the Atlantic Latitudes just miles off the Coast of New York City. The number 40 is a Biblical Number. 40 days Jesus Christ was in the Desert found in the Gospel of Matthew


Blackout Trend: 65,000 is the magic number

January 4, 2017
#blizzard2018  #VIIRS #Storm #StormCarmen #StormEleanor #France


The Blackout trend and the number trend seem to be the two trends to focus today. These last three days have been no joke and games. The year began worldwide as a disaster as the weather chaos continues. With Raging, powerful giants like Carmen and Eleanor exiting and driving the  Atlantic Ocean waters to complete havoc. Dangerous Living conditions along the Coastlines may be a new normal. Are we talking about the Biblical term what is known as whirlwinds.

 Each year we learn a new term making us feel like a genious or not. Well one word catching the spotlight today is bombogenesis or a “bomb cyclone”. But although the media is feeding us with vague terms to justify the drastic weather cycles, one thing is not changing..  numbers.
Have you figured it out yet!
Let us get smarter first.

For one, what the heck does the term bombogenesis or Bomb Cycle. Sound like a term from the Bible, genesis, right. Not so.
Are we talking about a real bomb.

HMM Afraid not.

Well one thing is also true, each time you type the same word or phrase on the internet.
To be search for.
Whatever. It already creates a trend on your computer.
Forming what algorithms.
It is going to a super computer. An AI System.
Is the media playing in , what is the word of the day kind of thing.
So everyone is talking about 
You know
The Bomb Cycle

It is an actual term used by meteorologists. A bombogenesis is described as by the

midlatitude cyclone rapidly intensifies, dropping at least 24 millibars over 24 hours. A millibar measures atmospheric pressure. This can happen when a cold air mass collides with a warm air mass, such as air over warm ocean waters. The formation of this rapidly strengthening weather system is a process called bombogenesis, which creates what is known as a bomb cyclone.

Or Is there some encrypted message behind the new word one just learned. To confuse you more, why is the media using the same number year after year when it comes to a blackout number, 65,000.

Ok maybe it means nothing leaving that for your guys to decipher. Moving on. What before was called a winter blast,or an arctic blast . In some cases, numbers of homes without electricity has been downplayed in large cities like Toronto, New York City , Montreal or Boston. But never are the numbers exaggerated. Today Reuters reported at 4 am 80,000 homes were without power in the East then changing it to 65,000 by 7 am.

So are we being tricked, played or simply just given a cozy number by the media. Regardless, the magic number remains steady in the last 3 days to exactly 65,000. Plain and simple. Now there is no clear reason why medias in different parts of the world in the deep freeze zone is calling 65,000 homes without electricity. What are we experience at this moment that the mass audience has not been filled in. Cause the media seems to be playing the game of numbers. Not sure it simply is a random number.

On January 4, 2017 Reuters reported the number began at 65,000 homes without power  along the US East Coast.

The tidal surge is said to be at least 3-foot (0.9-meter) flooding occurred around Boston’s historic Long Wharf with icy seawater... There was a massive response by emergency vehicles. The flooding is being reported as beating a 40 year record by the National Weather Service said.

On January 2, 2018, the same number of homes without electricity was being reported by the Energy Advocate. The article red 65,000 homes left without power in France after storm:

Western France has been struck with power outages as winter storm Carmen hit the coast impacting 65,000 households, according to power grid company Enedis .
It claimed that a day earlier :

On Monday, 40,000 households in Brittany alone experienced power cuts, 30,000 of which have since been reconnected by the French power company that was forced to deploy 1,500 staff to restore the power grid. .. France’s Atlantic coast was smashed by 140 kilometers per hour winds, though no serious damage was reported.. Three quarters of power in the country is generated via nuclear energy, which means major power cuts are rare.

Another media source claiming that 65,000 homes had lost power was The Watcher news in Storm Carmen leaves one dead and 65,000 without Power ahead of Eleanor 
in which they claimed to confirm their numbers from the French Power Company Enedis.

To start off the week of havoc, The magic number did begin with not even close falling short be the over 100,000.  On January 1, 2018 when it was first reported 225,000 homes lost power by the RFI radio stations in France. RFI claims to have 40 million listeners and on this report One Man dies 15 + injured.. :

The storm has disrupted rail and air transport in France, the UK, Belgium and the Netherlands. Eleanor first tore through England and Northern Ireland, causing power cuts, airport closures and other transport problems.

Some 60 percent of incoming flights and 33 percent of departures were cancelled at Paris's Charles De Gaulle airport between 7.15 and 9.00am Wednesday. Flights were also suspended at Bâle-Mulhouse and Strasbourg airports. Emergency services carried out about 3,500 interventions and 225,000 homes suffered power cuts.

Just a year to this date Montreal Ctv News reported on Tens of thousands without power in Quebec during messy winter weather:

Close to 65,000 homes and businesses in Quebec are without power Wednesday evening as outages lasted throughout the day due to messy conditions. Hydro Quebec says the freezing rain that fell on Tuesday brought down trees and branches throughout southern Quebec. Most of the power failures are in the Laurentians and the Ottawa Valley, with several thousand more in the dark south of the St. Lawrence River.

In this case the cause was  Freezing rain Montreal Freezing rain and then  winds increasing in the evening creating snow squalls.  By 10:30 p.m., 64,000 customers had been without electricity.

The questions should it matter what we read or what we hear in certain medias. What happens when one media reports differently. Should the media always say the right numbers most specially in an emergency world wide blackouts. How important is it that we know what happens in one part of the world to another.

  Nation Against Nation Trend: Secular an Ideology of Idols

#secular #politics #ideology #IranProtests #ideology #idols #IranianProtests #IranProtests

Being Secular is an ideology because God made us to be with Faith in him. Without God there is no us. The theory works well for #atheists. No country, no nation, no kingdom can exist without faith and spirit.

For those of you that are following the seeing in the dark trend you would know what I mean about "Secular" I see now how God did point out a word  that is becoming and will be the highlight of 2018. So as the year ends first read the below Mocking Trend: PM Justin Trudeau mocks Jesus Christ,

So why has God reveled the word Secular.

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Mocking Trend: PM Justin Trudeau mocks Jesus Christ

You will not Believe Justin Trudeau did

Beware of False Prophets watch the megatrndz show on

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#NewYearsResolutions Trend

by Veronica Davis 2017-12-30 1:41 pm

On top of a mountain in Galilee, Our Lord Jesus Christ tells the multitudes found in Gospel of Matthew 5:48, "Therefore, you shall be perfect, just as your Father in Heaven is perfect"
 In those precious words Our Celestial Father, God told us that we are as perfect as in his image ...perfect. A master piece in his image.

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