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Evacuation Texas Levees

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Texas Levees OK For Now!

2019-08-29 3:00 pm

Infrastructure Failure for Texas Bridges, Culverts, and  Roadways 

Levees, Bayous and Creeks, Reservoirs are  under Threat

The Texas Houston area has had historical and threatening flooding evacuations are being passed down through words by the minute. Evacuations have been mandatory for some places and for the ones that have been under evacuation briefing it is a waiting game. But this waiting game is it safe enough and will it save lives. Its been several hours now and over 12,000 troops have just been sent out by the National Guard. But bridges are being washed out, evacuation routes are being inundated with water and now what remains are the Levees. And there is additional flooding for Lake Houston.

2:00 pm central time, August 29, 2017, says that dealing with one event would be alot and then
with the Creeks and Bayous!. Neither one of the levees have been over topped neither one of the levees have been breached.

Creeks have crested but not yet breeched says Texas Official at a press conference today. You be the judge. Water is rushing so fast, there is no way infrastruscture will sustain, everything is unpredictable.

Northgate Levees ok for Now says Official by megatrndz

Texas Levees, Bridges a Lost Infrastucture

The water has crested at I45 as around noon today and it has fallen. However, the evacuation still remains for this area.

Stabilized: Harvey: Spring Creek near i45 and Northgate Crossing levee 6 pm 8/28/17

We have not found any structural integrates with the Levees says official.

Stabilized: walking with current - #harvey #houston 2017 northgate crossing spring creek levee area

One resident headed out to the Harvey Spring Creek North gate about an hour ago, at MUD1 Levee area is labeled it as stabilized. However in another video he already notices the railway tracks inundated at Northgate Crossing Spring

Neighborhood list at risk of flooding from Addicks and Barker as of noon August 29, 2017
Full list of subdivisions

Levee Area - Northgate Crossing Spring, TX MUD1 pump railroad tracks inundated. #harvey 2017

Buffalo Bayou


As of 3 pm Tuesday, Addicks and Barker , are two reservoirs outside of Houston that have surpassed record levels. Subdivisions nearby are beginning to flood, due to heavy rains from the remnants of Hurricane Harvey.

Harris County officials continue to evacuate six more neighborhoods

3.5 to 5 ft of water flooding around the Addicks Reservoirs and rising.

Earlier today at around 8:10 am August 29 The Greens Bayou has collapsed, Read at

Houston Flooding: Climate Change or Morality Change? by TruNews