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Best Tweets Hurricane Harvey

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Best and Worst Tweets during Hurricane Harvey 

2017-08-30 12:30pm

Texas is not just getting flooded with water but viewers worldwide are getting flooding with emotional and caring thoughts and prayers. 

So far there are desperate tweeter feeds reports of crime, triumph, victims and rescues for Hurricane Harvey residents in Houston Texas

Most Heart Felt Tweed

The sadden diving team  from the HCSOTexas has not reported deaths as of an hour ago or noon time today .

Most Heartless Tweet Found

Heartless, International Corporation Best Buy you just may go down in history for worst apology. Actual reports of Best Buy selling water to desperate Houston victims instead of opening doors. The news become so heartless that it was tweeted and reported on Dallas News

Most Humane Celebrity Tweets

Worst Waves on Interstate Photograph

Not sure how civilian took the picture, but that looks like the ocean. The tweet pointed to being interstate 10 at the Jefferson Chambers county line. Waves with white caps on the interstate. Photo taken August 29, 2017 around 8 pm
Over seven million people living in Houston

Most Huh! Photograph in Houston

Downtown Houston tweeter feed just minutes ago, is concerned about business. Open your eyes and see what is around you.

Most Humble Reporter Houston