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Asteroid Trend

Asteroids are becoming too common every year and the warning on how close will come to hit the earth and exactly when, is as mysterious as they appear.  While some governments  warn their citizens of fatal asteroids other citizens are left in the dark. Not knowing  the time and place of impact is frustrating. Below are some dates that some governments have noted .

By 2021 it is expected that Russia and the United States will send out probes to ride asteroids in order to break them apart just before earth impact or send the asteroid off course.

Watch video  entitled ASTEROID ALERT SEPTEMBER 23rd to 25th 2016 below where reporter claims the Kuwaiti government just sent out several nucleur warhead to change the direction of the asteroid in August. The fragments of this impact is said to fall on the Earth on September 23-25, 2016

Asteroid 2015 PDC-H5

Sept 28, 2016

Leaked EARTH IMPACT: Houston Asteroid to 25 X larger than Siberia Impact. by  MLordandGod

Expected to impact Texas Houston on September 28, 2016 is the newest Asteroid 2015 PDC-H5.
Asteroid 2015 PDC-H5 was first discovered on March 3, 2015 a little over a year and a half ago.
MLordandGod published on Sep 17, 2016 It is ESTIMATED to have been 5x to 25 times LARGER than the Russian Feb 2013 Siberian Chelyabinsk Meteor Strike that Exploded over Russia! Leaked EARTH IMPACT of COVER-UP: NASA memo Houston, TX to have hit BY 500 meter ASTEROID September 28th, 2015!


September 25, 2016

ASTEROID ALERT SEPTEMBER 23rd to 25th 2016 by Nibiru Planet X 2016

Asteroid 2016 QL44

September 17, 2016

What happened NASA  did Asteroid 2016 QL44 really hit the earth or came close to the Earth on September 19, 2016. NASA warned that it would come close to the earth and was closely monitoring it in the Mount Lemmon Observatory, in the Santa Catalina Mountains, near Tucson Arizona.

"QL44 is expected to pass by us at 3.6 times the distance from us to the Moon (857,000 miles) on September 17 says Nemesis Maturity from Youtube watch  video below.

The asteroid, which could be 20 to 61 metres long, has been monitored by the Mt. Lemmon Survey, in the Mount Lemmon Observatory, in the Santa Catalina Mountains, near Tucson, Arizona, which discovered it on August 28.

Large Asteroid 2016 QL44 Heading to Earth on a Highly Uncertain Flight Path BY Nemesis maturity

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 China warns citizens of Killer Asteroid but we do not know when, it is called the  2009 ES WARNING: "China Discovers Earth "Killer Asteroid" Coming Paul Begley

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