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Asteroid Trend

Asteroid  Trend

ASTEROID 2013 TX 68 MARCH 5, 2016 18:15

Since January 4, 2016, there has been a total of  17 Asteroids traveling around the Earth.
On February 6, 2016 a 7 meter space rock, seen as a fireball pounded onto the Atlantic Ocean with a 13, 000 TNT. What does that mean? It released energy equivalent to 13,000 tons of TNT, which is the same as the energy used in the first atomic weapon that leveled Hiroshima in 1945.The most hardest part to believe that it was not reported until two weeks later. It is reported to be the largest to hit since February 2013 asteroid hit in Russia. read more..

 The most concerned of all asteroids is the  17 th Asteroid . Why? The 17th asteroid coming close to the Earth, is called the Asteroid 2013 TX 68.  The 2013 TX 68 Asteroid gets its name from the year it was first discovered. Each Asteroid is heavily monitored  and will come at some point close to the EARTH.  Asteroid 2013 TX 68 is said to come closer to the Earth by next year. But when it passes the Earth's Atmosphere it will be on March 5, 2016 with a size of 38 m and 1.3 Lunar Distance.

How close is this you will ask yourself? The distance between the Earth and the Moon is 384, 401 km which is the Lunar Distance so if we multiply 1.3 times 384, 401 km equals 499, 721.3 km.

Asteroid 2013 TX 68 Size

Now  what exactly will be the size of Asteroid 2013 TX 68, it is estimated to be 52 meters and 170 feet more.... This may seem to be small but  combine the speed it will be traveling. It is being reported as  catastrophic. It is still a record size compared to the Russian February 2013 meteorite was 20 meter. Watch video below for more details.

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