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Climate Chaos or Change Snow in August National Park Glaciers Wildfires in Waterton

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Climate Chaos or Change Snow in August National Park Glaciers Wildfires in Waterton2018-09-01

Is it Climate Chaos or Climate to Stay, Climate Change. It makes one wonder!
Well while it may seen unusual to see snow in August it did make the records. On August 27,2018 Logan Pass received snow in the early hours of the morning. It quickly spread on social media that there was already snow in the Glacier park of Alberta.

As of 7 am, @GlacierNPS park ranger measured an inch of new #snow on grassy areas at Logan Pass. — NWS Missoula (@NWSMissoula) August 27, 2018

On Aug 27 Summertim…

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Strange Animal Behavior Penguins outside of Ocean into the Streets

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Strange Animal Behavior Trend: Feral Pigs eating anything Penguins outside of Ocean into the Streets 5/1/2020

In the past decade in North America, and in Europe such as in England wolves, coyotes and foxes have been invading and living among the people. But this March and April animals are getting away from their normal habitat and have been doing strange things such as penguins out in the street of South Africa. Are the animals looking for food? Are the wild animals leaving their natural habitat because something or someone driving them away? Or is it something more?  Are the animals being targeted with weather manipulation trend?  Speaking of wars and rumors of wars?  Wars are started in the jungles, in the mountains? Causing fear with wildfires, silk hole trends, and other natural based disasters. Wildfires are becoming a trend as Rain…