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Fashion Trend #2: Acid wash blue jean tones

Fashion Trend   October 2023

 Fashion Trend #2: Acid Wash Blue Jean Tones 

American and Italian fashion designers have several things in common. Both designers used the same blue tones or  the colored hues found in jeans . Acid wash blue jean tones are a favorite trend for these two popular high end designers Roberto Cavalli and Ralph Lauren. 

Ralph Lauren revolutionizing the meaning of fashion week is probably if not my favorite show to watch for the Spring 2024. The reason being is not just the relaxing feeling of the fashion runaway setting but the way the show ended in such a new way.  Creating the fashion runaway into a VIP dinner party. This reminds me of my recent trip to Mexico visiting the town called Tequila. At the end of the Jose Cuervo tequila tour of the factory we were greeted with a VIP tasting table. And that is what the true meaning of customer appreciation should be done with grace and elegance.  That is what Ralph Lauren showed his guest at the end of the fashion show. Ralph Lauren took us to the barn rodeo ambiance to an exquisite VIP dinner room.

Tones  Sky blue tones

Color   Blue

Fabric Jean and cotton

Price  Medium to High

Stores  Roberto Cavalli 2023 and Winter 2024, Ralph Lauren Spring 2024

In the Ralph Lauren , Spring and Summer 2024  Full fashion Show produced by FF Channel, we are able to see about the blue jean acid wash trend. As can be seen how the American fashion designer chose his most affordable every day where the piece began the show.  A blond long legged woman strutted the runaway wearing a simple everyday upright striped cotton long sleeve top dress with acid washed ripped jean pants.

Look 1 vertical striped top and acid washed blue jeans

Look 2 black and grey  tone bustier and acid washed ankle length skirt

Look 3 black tied up dark blue blazer with acid washed ripped blue pants

Look 4 bustier acid washed look top with black  hip wide pants

Look 5 blazer blue jean Jacket worn underneath with a white cotton long sleeve top with jeans cargo pants

Look 6 vertical striped grey and black blazer with matching pants

Look 7 Violet blue blazer with matching pants

Look 8  Grey and Blue jean jacket worn with a taffeta ankle high skirt

Look 9 Bandanna acid washed top worn with a long ankle lengthed acid washed liked jean skirt

Look 10 Long sleeve grey and white worn with acid washed blue jeans

Ralph Lauren | Spring Summer 2024 | Full ShowYouTube·FF Channel·Sep 9, 2023

In the Roberto Cavalli Fashion Show Fall and Winter 2023 and 2024 collection grey and white acid washed tones were presented.

Trend begins at (4:06 min) click on the link

Look 21 Male Grey light and dark tone colored blazer with matching top and flared


Look 22 Grey toned jacket with front pocketed mid ankle jean skirt

Look 23 Grey and black long sleeve jacket with matching pattern slashed flared pants

Look 24 Male wearing with grey tone flared long sleeve top with matching tones pant

Look 25  Long sleeve ankle length jacket with matching  ankle length dress

Look 26 Brown fur jacket with grey and white tone feather like pattern pants

Look 27 Male wearing grey and white tone winter jacket with matching pants

Look 28 Grey and dark toned right leg slit floor length dress

Look 29 Grey and dark toned neck high sleeved ankle length dress

Roberto Cavalli Fashion Show | FallWinter2324

Other designers used this Jean and acid jean washed tones: