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Mental Health Crisis: I Gave My SHOES to a Homeless

Looking  For Smokies Gave My Shoes to Homeless

Mental Health crisis is growing in a world being pushed over the edge. I woke up early Thursday morning ready to go food shopping. I thank GOD every morning for the abundance and love he gives me. 

It has been a while back in Toronto. This week we stayed on yonge st . We rented an apartment for 250 a night did not realize the amount of people ready to trample me. People walking fast on the side walk.  Surprisingly the amount of homeless, people broken down by mental crisis or drug related cases.

As I walked  on Yonge street, I saw a Young blue robbed dark skin young lady  picking something from the sidewalk. She said something she sounded upset. But what caught My attention was her shoeless feet. It was close to zero and raining . What could i do for her i thought. As I crossed the street the young girl disappeared. She probably was cold and went inside a clothing store.

I saw another  homeless sitting on the cold ground putting on his shoes. Yesterday mid day a homeless man brushing his teeth on the corner of yonge and adeline st.

A couple of doors down from home stay, I headed to circle k to look for smokies got hot dog bread but no smokies. None at Shoppers DrugMart. Another homesless elder man  parking his full of things  shopping cart to get his cup of coffee.

I just bought an umbrella day before. I left it on his cart.

As I got in the hotel apartment the key operated door has flung open and the young girl without shoes was walking right into my place. She took her first opportunity or was it GOD. I did not see no one in front of her. I waited for the door to close after her and then I opened it . I walked around the corner to the elevators. There she was again. She looked and sounded normal. What she was about to do next surprised me. She was kindly asking me if I had any shoes for her. Astounded to what was happening and what I had asked God to do for me. I thought to myself. You wanted to help her right.. here is your opportunity. I took off my shoes and said, " here you can have mine." I took off shoeless to my floor on the elevator.  I thought about that moment a few seconds before. What just happened. I was OK. No shoes but OK. I thought God will give me more. That day I had no other shoes to go outside but it took a few hours to get new ones. But I was OK. My husband went to buy the new shoes that I needed to get around Toronto. I felt relieved because I knew something the shoeless woman did not know. Where I was in my life was not where that young girl was, so I felt OK. 

I knew what was about to happen next. Someone was going to see what happened on camera. Usually everyday there is a front desk personnel at the lobby. But there was none that morning. Later on that day there was a knock at our door. It was the housekeeper. She came to our apartment and talked about how they looked at the security cameras. What was she going to say next was a little confusing but I did not pay too much attention to her. What was she thinking. Were her intentions the same as mine? In the odd interaction.  She called the young lady crazy. Meanwhile I described to her as  homeless. She explained that it was her that had entered the building when the young girl snuck in. I was fine I explained to her. When I think about it, if the homeless girl had asked me if she could give her shoes in the middle of the street on a rainy cold day; I could have said no. How would I have gotten home. But God is so powerful he led her to my home where I  could give  her my shoes. And if you ask me if GOD is always listening, he is.

Later on that day My new shoes