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Are we on the inside how we dress on the outside?

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Are we on the inside how we dress on the outside?


John 19:23

Some of us think that we are on the inside how we dress on the outside. Dressing in one colored outfits  may have been part of who you represented on the inside. This was called a custom. But what happens when customs disappear. What happens when clothing labels misrepresent the character of the clothing wearer. Or should we not be wearing  clothing labels that misrepresent the character. Take for example, clothing labels with a dark history. Some of the big making a name for themselves brand are Chanel  or Gabriele Chanel , Christian Dior,   L oreal just to name a few. Coco Chanel was known to be a big fashion designer brand but where were her origin. Louis Vuitton fashion label, reveals  A French Saga  that the leather goods house had strong ties to the Vichy regime in Nazi-occupied France. Were they dark or Bright.

Balenciaga was the latest fashion label misrepresenting the customer. But the history of Balenciaga and ties with socialists and Nazi may have been the growth of the company. Not much has changed when it comes to the morals of the company label when the CEO of Balenciaga Parent Company Owns Auction Site That Sells Child Sex Mannequins With Genitalia For Faces.

Another company that grew during the Nazi era was Boss. The fashion label called Hugo Boss still exists today. However, the history behind the fashion designer producing early Nazi uniforms in a factory he’d bought in 1924. He was also a sponsoring member of the Schutzstaffel (SS), the Nazis’ paramilitary wing, making monthly donations to the organization.

Another big name brand is Adidas and Puma. Nobody ever cares to find out the foundations of the name brand. When you go to become a public traded company, it is all about the numbers and sales and profit. Nobody  even questions the foundations of the company because like Jesus Christ said it is wealth or me you choose from, well not exactly in those words but close enough. Another close enough verse was when he said either choose me or the Julius Ceaser coin (dead. It really makes no difference what the interpretations of the words are, so long as your heart is in the right place. That is the interpretation of Megatrndz website.

 Adolf and Rudolf Dassler were the creaters of  two of the biggest sports shoe brands of the past. In 1948 Rudolf createcd Puma, which was initially named Ruda (short for Rudolf Dassler) or later was  Puma after the animal. In 1949, Adolf  created Adidas,or for himself (Adi Dassler). Get it Adi das.

What happens when the fashion designer misrepresents the label? That was the case of John Galliano being fired for misrepresenting the fashion label that he was designing for. While he thought his anti-sematic phrase, " I Love Hitler"; were part of just part of a  moment it was sensitive enough for him to loose his job .


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