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Human Crisis Trend Global Security Bill G20 Trials December 5 2020


Human Crisis Trend    Protest Trend

Global Agenda 2021

Human Crisis Trend Global Security Bill G20 Trials December 5 2020


 'Global Security' bill's Article 24      G20  Trials      Censorship   No camera's allowed


Thousands of Police presence with dogs and armors in the Streets of Paris today.

The day is finally here. Where the actions of what you do with your camera is the property of the opposition. This comes at a time where Court Rooms around the World are being filled with information from video recordings more than ever. Because what is being captured through the eyes of a video camera could have a million meanings to the opposition.

Imagine a world where filming the opponent would not be allowed. In Paris, the Courts are overturning laws to prohibit the filming of Police Officers. 

What does this mean to the liberties of Humanity. Technology is actually becoming more of the Beast ruling with an iron feast. So is it really worth it to actually own one. 

What would it mean to the journalists like Ruptly News and others who bring the news to us the readers and the watchers. It could mean repressing the Journalists and any other profession videographers, documentary agents, photographers. Because that way the Iron fist will be the ones with controlling the narrative.

The Human Crisis continues to expand in the streets of Europe. Discussions of Global Security Bill and a the   G20 trials against 2017 protesters are among some of the real concerns of the European citizens. Watch playlist below 'LIVE: Activists gather in Hamburg to protest trials related to G20 riots'

According to the Ruptly published video on December it states:

Activists expected to gather in Hamburg on Saturday, December 5, under the motto "Community resistance - all together against repression" to protest the trials against activists involved in demonstrations on the occasion of the G20 summit held in 2017 the northern German city.

The demonstration, scheduled to kick-off at Hamburg’s Hachmannplatz, is expected to gather different left-wing and Antifa groups.

The trials started on Thursday at the Hamburg district court. Five defendants between the ages of 19 and 21 are accused of serious breach of the peace and assault on enforcement officers.

More than 400 people were arrested as violence erupted over three nights on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Hamburg in July 2017.​

What is the Global Security Bill?

The City of Paris is also busy with demonstrators. Ruptly is live from Paris on Saturday, December 5 as protesters rally against the so-called 'Global Security' bill proposed by the French government. 

On Monday November 30 2020, ' lawmakers announced that they would proceed to a complete rewrite of the provision that restricts the filming of police officers following weeks of protests', Ruptly writes:


The 'Global Security' bill's Article 24, approved by the French National Assembly on November 27, makes it illegal to disseminate images in which police officers can be personally identified, among other things. The law has been heavily criticized by activists and journalists who say it violates freedom of the press.​

So who are the lawmakers? 

See playlist below of the Human Crisis Trend G20 December 5 2020

Companies are diligently hiring under the #globalsecurity today in Virginia. Ironic! What are they getting prepared for?

This is what the tweet said, '#globalsecurity company hiring for new careers lots to come while they are opposing the bill in Europe, Paris'

Human Protest Thailand Germany Czech Republic on Edge  Nov 18 2020

by Veronica Davis 2020-11-18  9:56 am


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November 18 2020 Protest Trend 

#Bangkok #Thailand   #Bundestag #Berlin #Germany #CzechRepublic #London #England #Ontario  #Canada

Shortly before the beginning of the  pandemic, the world was falling apart in the streets around the world. Megatrndz has been reporting for several years the situation on the streets. While some protests can be peaceful some are simply pushed with an agenda. 

Today many of the protests are for human freedom, anti-lockdown, anti-masks

The media is now reporting situations  of lock-downs being down played. The media is also reporting and writing up on stories where they are racial profiling communities and people by race having covid-19. This is a dangerous trend that if it continues races will be targeted and hated.

Jesus Christ never revolted against the Government as he was a  man of peace and asked us to love one another. Yahweh God Almighty thousands of years before Jesus Christ asked us love God Almighty with all your heart and all your might. Jesus Christ said to his people that in the end times people heart's will grow cold. 

' Perfect Love' is the second Book from the Series 'What would Yahweh Elohim El Shaddai Yeshua Jesus Christ say?' The first Book title is 'Triumphants" find the books on amazon or go directly to paypal

The Protest whether anti-government or anit-masks are rising because people will not be held back in being controled by Health Officials for since the Pandemic began.

In some places, like China where the Virus first was  heard of there are discussions that it began in Wuhan where Christianity was the highest. It is believed that people were persecuted in such a way.

When Jesus Christ was asked about the Emperor Ceaser , he answered leave Ceaser what belongs to him. After that Jesus Christ was silent as he was slaughtered like a lamb as predicted by the Prophets.

November 18 2020 Protest Trend 

Bangkok Thailand   Bundestag Berlin Germany

According to Ruptly:

Thailand has seen a wave of anti-government demonstrations throughout the past months, with students and other activists calling for the resignation of Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha, a constitutional reform, and a reform of the long-standing monarchy system in the country. Counter-protests in support of the monarchy have also been taking place.

LIVE: Anti-government protests continue in Bangkok as parliament votes on constitutional amendments

Berlin Germany published Nov 2020 by Ruptly

Belin Protest Live by The Sun published November 18 2020

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Thousands protest against virus restrictions in Berlin | AFP published Nov 18 2020

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Czech Republic: Protesters decry COVID measures at Prague demo on 31 anniv. of Velvet Revolution
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U.K. police USE FORCE with lockdown protesters, but treat BLM, Extinction Rebellion with kid gloves by Rebel News published November 17 2020

Ontario Canada #RebelNews #TamaraUgolini #StopSpreadingFear Lockdown protesters demand government, media “STOP SPREADING FEAR” in St. Thomas, Ontario by Rebel News published November 17 2020

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Paperback available worldwide on amazon
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