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Worldwide Weather wars The 5 Monsters Beta Teddy Paulette 17 E Dolphin

Human Crisis   Hurricane Trend September 2020 

Human Crisis   Hurricane Trend September 2020 

Posted on 9/21/20  8:42 AM by Veronica Davis @megatrndz 

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Weather wars? Back during WW1 and WW2 in the dark lurking waters of the Ocean lay dormant submarines. While the enemy came close they attacked in secret. Today it is being said that special devices are lurking in the waters to create weather wars. To others it may be a game but to the real people living in the coastlines it is an ongoing battle of fear and dark expectations. Listening to stopthecrime founder Deborah Tavares, 'SMOKE and FIRE - PREPARE for MASS FATALITY - THE IMPACT of WEATHER WEAPONS CAN NOT be DENIED' and  and Dane Wigington, 'Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, September 19, 2020, #267 '  . This reminds me of several years ago back in the 1990s when Silvia brown predicted the coastlines as a threat. However, the enemy  always reaches  the coastlines first before in makes landfall. And just like that the Hurricanes is a symbol of pedoph (do your own reseach), and witchcraft it was always said before in the Bible. The witches will not be permitted to Heaven. Now you hear wiccans being scientists working for big names. See other videos posted on Megatrndz website. None of this is new to God Almighty. What hides in the dark always comes to the light. Today the dark scientists are coming out of the darkness to reveal who they are? Just like all the Comic books created by Pagan worshippers. It was always their truth they writing and producing about in cartoons.

So now..

It may be predicted to be one of the most devastating landfalls to hit New York ever. Yesterday Canadian Weather reports of 30 meter waves arriving in the next couple of days. The models below are predictions that weather reporters use. A few years ago the model had shown it was directing to New York but the hurricane instead hit mid United States. So how is the New Yorkers preparing for such devastation?

When you hear about devastation and prediction of weather, it is all written down in some dark persons play book. We are just the watchers. God Almighty will make his return soon. We still wear our crown all we have to do is stand still from afar like Abraham did when he saw Sodom and Gomorrah disappear. In the end God's people are always saved, the Elects, the Chosen, the Holy, the Qodesh.

East  Atlantic Ocean   

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West Pacific Ocean  

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 Current Time 10 AM Central

Teddy Lat.: 31°37'N / Lon.: 62°27'W / Altitude: -1m Timezone: (UTC-4) / Current time: 07 PM 09/21/2020

Beta  81 F  Lat.: 28°13'N / Lon.: 95°25'W / Altitude: 0m Timezone: (UTC-6) / Current time: 08 PM 09/21/2020 SE 34KM

17 E Lat.: 17°30'N / Lon.: 111°52'W / Altitude: -1m  Timezone: (UTC-7) / Current time: 10 PM 09/21/2020

Dolphin  Lat.: 25°21'N / Lon.: 134°3'E / Altitude: -1m Timezone: (UTC+9) / Current time: 06 AM 09/21/2020

Paulette  Lat.: 33°13'N / Lon.: 28°48'W / Altitude: -1m Timezone: (UTC-2) / Current time: 05 PM 09/21/2020


Predictions for 10 pm Current Time 9 AM Central

Teddy  Lat.: 36°7'N / Lon.: 61°58'W / Altitude: -1m

Beta  Lat.: 28°43'N / Lon.: 96°16'W / Altitude: 1m Timezone: America/Chicago (UTC-5) / Current time: 09 AM 09/21/2020  Predicted Time:  10 PM 09/21/2020

17 E 81 F Lat.: 18°15'N / Lon.: 114°19'W / Altitude: 0m  Current time: 05 AM 09/21/2020 Predicted Time:  10 PM 09/21/2020

Dolphin 82  F to 83 F  Lat.: 26°6'N / Lon.: 133°49'E / Altitude: -1m Timezone: (UTC+9) / Current time: 05 AM 09/21/2020

Paulette  73  F Lat.: 33°55'N / Lon.: 24°58'W / Altitude: -1m Timezone: (UTC-2) / Current time: 04 PM 09/21/2020