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President Trump was taken to Safety after shots fired August 10 2020

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(8/10/2020) A couple of hours ago shots fired during an American press conference by the United States President Donald Trump. The secret service has taken the suspect to the hospital. President Trump was taken to safety after the shots were fired. After the incident President Trump came back live to thank the Secret Service. President Trump was Triumphant today after the emergency. He bravely came back to finish his press conference. 'If you look over the centuries the World has been a dangerous place', said President Trump after the lockdown to the press.

Cryptic messages had been said by President Trump a few days ago when he said, you will not be seeing me for a while. This was definitely an assurance that he is not safe and that we must pray for his safety.

Last Week he made prayers in Schools a priority. I have always said when you fight the deceivers, there is always some kind of attack back but Yahweh Elohim El Shaddai Yeshua Jesus Christ is always the protector.

Civil Unrest Trend
Gucci, Dior, Hermes and other stores  merchandise wiped out by Looters in Chicago United States.

Unusual Earthquake Trend
North Carolina 5.1 magnitude earthquake is an unusual one.  The video owner claims that the town has recently gone through a water renovation. Could this be the reason of the Earthquake? 

North Carolina hit by 5.1 magnitude earthquake, the strongest since 1916 See