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Dream Warning Hotels and the White Fanged Woman

Dream Warning Hotels and the White Fanged Woman

Veronica Davis April 7, 2020 

The Global Pandemic is a Spiritual Battle where the souls of the dead will be going to Heaven or Hell. People were locked indoors. People are involuntarily being controlled in Hospitals and on the street worldwide. This Global Pandemic is a judgement and a battle between Good and Evil the unseen.

There is tribulation happening right now. But it will get worst. With that in mind.

I usually share my dreams for a reason over time Jesus Christ has been sending me dreams.

Hotel Dream during Global Pandemic

 I feel like hotels are not places anyone should be visiting because either they are infected with the covid-19 virus or they will be a place for trapped quarantine victims. There will be a lot of suffering in those places. Watch the video I did on March 19, 2020. I have noticed that in my dreams the time frame God Almighty Jesus Christ is given us to react and prepare is two weeks.

Today, there are eleven hotels in Australia where over five thousand people have been calling their home. The Daily UK has been reported on April 7, 2020:

More than 20 returned travelers in hotel isolation in Sydney have tested positive to coronavirus - as the first prepare to leave their lush accommodation TONIGHT after 14 days in lockdown.. A total of 24 travelers quarantined in hotels have been found to have COVDI-19 There are more than 5,000 locked in hotels across Australia under strict watch First of them will be able to walk free from the Swiss hotel at midnight on Tuesday Tuesday was Australia's worst day of the COVID-19 pandemic, with seven deaths Despite casualties, Scott Morrison said we are successfully flattening the curve But all hard work could be wasted if people don't socially distance this Easter (.

In New York, they will be using hotels for covid-19 patients as last minute resort.

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