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March For Life 2019

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March For Life  May 2019

by Veronica Davis 2019-05-09
#Depopulation #targetedindividuals #humanexperiment #Genocide #abortion ##gangstalking 

Abortion, Euthanasia, Suicide, terror, hatred, racism and War are all Human Crisis trends one can not ignore. Saying no to Abortion may be an easy thing for someone who has the family support and love when she is pregnant. However, many woman fall into the dark pit of choosing an  abortion due to their lack of support in their homes and no family support to take care of  their  baby. Life is a choice. Choosing abortion is a choice you will never forget. Today I walked the March for Life for the first time and I encourage those to walk it too. The world is becoming strangers by the minute we must participate even if it just once, we can support the lost and confused individuals whom cannot see the light in their darkest days.

Megatrndz Show 2019 05 09 March for Life p 1

Megatrndz Show 2019 05 09 March for Life p 2

Censorship Trend May 2019

#Depopulation #targetedindividuals #humanexperiment #Genocide #mkultra #electronicharassment #gangstalking  #surveillance

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The Darkside of Humanity

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What a strange world we are living in? Censoring and Banning is it a sign of superiority?

What do we actually do when we get banned and censored? Are we getting targeted or stalked? Is this gang stalking?

Megatrndz Show 05/07/2019 Censorship and Banning

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#StopTheBias Laura Loomer Visits Facebook After Being BANNED

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A. J Show 05/06/2019