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Getting Close to Extinction Level CME Disaster

Climate Chaos Getting Closer to Extinction Level CME Disaster

by Veronica Davis 2019-05-16

May 6- 16 2019 Solar Storms Severe Level closer to Extinction

If you are wondering why helicopters are falling down, airplanes crashing and flights full when they are not, and aurora lights  all have in common one thing is for sure, the sun?

( Thursday May 16, 2019) Today it is the last day of the largest Solar Flare

On May 10, 2019 Solar Rare blue aurora lights was seen from Alberta, Canada all the way to the Great Lakes Michigan, United States. If you are wondering why the word rare is being used here is because it is due to a Solar Flare hitting the Earth not seen since 10 to 20 years ago. This event is not only rare it is dangerous, the solar spot is called sunspot AR2740  .

Solar sunspot AR2740 left on May 6, 2019 . The AR2740  arrived on Friday May 10, 2019

Megatrndz has the CME Trend to explain it all.

While it was a decent 15 degree Celsius is the mid Canadian province it is reaching almost a drought strange. By now the Central Canadian region has received only half the amount of rain so far from its norm average.

Over the last few years strange red streaks of lights has been observed. Watch the video on I have taken into consideration on categorizing the streaks as lasers called "are these lasers". But what exactly are they? Is the World being extinct slowly and we do not know it. After All , Yeshua Jesus Christ mentions the planet Earth being damaged and coming to an end due to mankind unbelief.

are there lasers in the sky, celestial beings, orbs, ufos

If you are in the Region of  Bosnia and Herzegovina  the area is receiving floods but not after a winter snow storm yesterday May 15.

Will this Coronal Mass Ejection trigger Volcano Eruption or Earthquake trends or any other climatic disaster?

STEVE is the name of a "hot (3000 degrees C) ribbon of ionized gas slicing through Earth's upper atmosphere some 300 km above the ground" coming from the sunspot AR2740 . It appears unpredictably during some, but not all, geomagnetic storms. Originally thought to be a form of aurora borealis, new research shows that it is not an aurora at all."

How Many Airplanes went down, just yesterday a Helicopter  went down in New York. A few days before on May 6, 2019,  a Moscow airline and another airline in the United States went down. The cause of the Moscow airline killing more than 40 ppl was explained to have happened due to lightning strike yet footage of air flight coming down showed no such evidence.

Meanwhile the 10 km depth earthquakes still continue around the World.

So why are so many weather channels ignoring such important facts of a sunspot reaching a G5 meaning serious damage to the World's existence.

Although I do have to add that the photograph of the rare auroras remind me of the lights seen by Moses and it is people as they feared God. So is this a celestial manifestation from God, simply backed up by Science ?

Whate a
Sun Unleashed Largest Magnetic Storm in 2 years.

May 6- 2019 40 fallecidos y más de 10 heridos en accidente aéreo en Moscú by Asi Somos la Red

Wetware turns Humans into Technology
CME disaster, Wetware or Celestial event signs of Jesus Christ returning? Or is it a wetware perhaps, use your own instincts to figure out this one? I guess one thing is for sure here, if we knew the truth the marketplace and economy would come crashing financially down. Image flights, trains, buses etc stopped for weeks around the world.

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Climate Chaos Fireball Meteorite 2019 Trend

February 2019
Climate Chaos Trend Fireball Trend February 24, 2019

March 2019
March 30, Northern Florida,

Blazing Meteor Lights up Florida by Skywatch Media News

April  2019


Russian Fireballs continues to be a trend this year , over a 3 month period there has been several eye witnessed fireballs.

December 18, 2018 117 kilotons exploded over the Bering Sea near Kamchatka Peninsula Coordinates: 57°N 160°E / 57°N 160°E .

March 15, 2019   
A meteorite came down near the 1908 Tunguska event exploding with a force 185  Hiroshimas bomb

Feb 2013

Compare this to the 56 ft in diameter weighing 11,000 tons Asteroid from the 2013 Chelyabinsk Asteroid, Russia, The Russian Asteroid energy force was 470 kilotons of TnT before exploding  12 to 15 miles from the Earth's surface.

April 6, 2019  18:59 Siberia Krasnoyarsk Russia Orange tailed Fireball. The fireball appears suddenly across the sky, witnesses said it was a high pitch sound heard.

A meteor struck across Russia's daytime skies. After splitting into several pieces it disappears somewhere in Irkutsk Region.

Immense Fireball Explosion over Siberia, Meteor Bombardment Intensifies, A Wake up Call for Earth by Skywatch Media News

April 16 - 17 2019

Two  very bright fireball events occurred less than 6 hours apart:

Germany Fireball

United States Fireball

Delaware (see from Washington DC, Maryland, North Carolina, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia and Delaware).

April 24, 2019

Costa Rica Fireball

 San Carlos, , Liberia, Paquera, San Rafael de Alajuela, San Rafael de Desamparados, Esparza, Cañas, Santa Cruz; Costa Rica. Many eye witness reports at  9:08 p.m. April 24, 2019.
It lit the sky,the meteorite created a loud explosion, dividing into  three parts in the atmosphere. One chunk hit the roof of a  home where it is shown in the videos below.

More at


The following video "Parte de meteorito causó daños a vivienda de San Carlos by Repetel', shows damage of home property by the meteorite.