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Climate Chaos Trend Fireball Trend Feb 2019

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Climate Chaos Trend Fireball Trend Feb 2019


Is there a secret war in the skies?

There were a lot of things on fire in Madagascar in the past few days? ' The House is on Fire' meaning the Canadian House of Commons . And  the skies of Madagascar was on Fire. So where to begin. On the same week there was a fireball across the skies of Madagascar along with a debate bill between Canada and the Republic of Madagascar. So is this coincidence or related . Is there something deeper going on.

Above the Island of Mayotte an explosion was heard on February 18, 2019 at 21:30 local time.This happened across the sea between Madagascar, Mozambique closer to the Island of Comoros.
Listen to Skywatch media video " ‘FIREBALL’ Causes Big Explosion over French Islands, Huge Meteorite Crater Below Greenland's Ice" as Steve reports.
While this may nothing to do with a fireball, Canadian Politicians were asking the Canadian Government why they had to discuss the topic between you can watch the video . Michelle Rempell had alot to say about the corruption discovered by the Canadian Government house leader.

As she objects bill a tax avoidance with Madagascar, known as S-6 Government Order Canada Madagascar Tax Convention Implementation Act 2018.

"Why is this bill being prioritize for debate in the House of Commons today when arguably the house is on fire" says Michelle Rempelle on February 23, 2019. Could this all be related?
Is there something more happening in the deep state skies?
 Listen to the full speech of Michelle on her youtube channel "This is what the Liberals think the most pressing issue in Canada is... | Michelle Rempel | CPC"