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4 Unusual Ocean Quake Trend April 2019

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 4 Unusual Ocean  Quake Trend April 2019


10 km Depth Earthquake Trend   0 km Earthquake Depth Trend   Unusual Deep Earthquake Trend

Four mysterious ocean quakes have occurred today. So what are they a secret space operation a military exercise, fireballs from the skies? Is this some microwave weapon or something more than weaponry but nothing more than God's Hand.

Saturday April 6 2019, 12:03:33 UTC just a little over 9 hours ago located on the Mid-Indian Ridge a 5.2 magnitude quake occurs in the middle of the ocean of a  10.0 depth magnitude.  There has been several earthquake of this 10 depth magnitude today near the same region . Take for example on December 3 2018 a pattern of 10 was observed  in the Northern Mid  Atlantic Ridge. Today several 10 depth quakes having been occurring. This ocean quake has been the highest magnitude so far  today.

 Two hours later there was another 10 depth quake near the region on Saturday April 6 2019, 13:23:05 UTC 144km ESE of Mohean, India 4.8 magnitude 10.0 depth.

Followed by another 10 depth quake, three hours of a difference from the Mohean Idian ocean quake.

Saturday April 6 2019, 17:11:22 UTC 4 hours ago Northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge 4.7 magnitude 10.0 depth.

So far today, all three 10 depth quakes have been strong quakes occurring in the ocean.

0 km depth and 10 km depth

With the most recent ocean quake occurs on Saturday April 6 2019, 21:01:42 UTC 78km SW of Puerto Penasco, Mexico 5.2 magnitude 10.0 depth km.

Northern Mid Atlantic Ridge and Indian Ridge 10 depth quakes in the ocean today 2019-04-06
Saturday April 6 2019, 21:01:42 UTC 39 minutes ago 78km SW of Puerto Penasco, Mexico 5.2 magnitude 10.0 USGS Feed

four mysterious ocean quakes today april 6 2019

Unusual Deep Earthquake Trend December 2018


10 km Depth Earthquake Trend   0 km Earthquake Depth Trend   Unusual Deep Earthquake Trend

Today has been a quiet day for earthquakes around the world but the trend to observe is the 0 km to 10 km depth earthquakes because it may related to sonar weapons or secret space program.

0 km depth and 10 km depth
What is Nevada becoming a test site for as there are more observed 10 km depth earthquakes today.

A 10 km depth earthquake occurred in an unusual zone called Northern Mid Atlantic Ridge in the middle of the Saragossa Sea. This area has been somewhat shaking quietly for several times this year.

Is this being provoked in the Ocean Waters by some kind of sonar boat device. There has been a lot of mysterious boats from unknown country of origin floating around that area.
The Region of Alaska , California and Nevada has had the 0 km depth small tremors.

Monday December 31 2018, 20:45:31 UTC Northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge 5.1 10.0

Monday December 31 2018, 19:45:07 UTC 14km NW of Grapevine, CA 1.9 10.0
Monday December 31 2018, 17:31:46 UTC 3km SE of Lake Henshaw, CA 1.0 11.2
Monday December 31 2018, 17:05:23 UTC 6km WNW of Cobb, CA 0.8 1.0

Monday December 31 2018, 17:01:59 UTC 10km SW of Anza, CA 1.0 8.7

Monday December 31 2018, 16:20:31 UTC 6km SSE of Lincoln, Montana 1.2 4.5
Monday December 31 2018, 15:14:19 UTC 46km W of Goldfield, Nevada 1.9 5.0

Monday December 31 2018, 15:12:15 UTC 31km ENE of Beatty, Nevada 0.2 9.0

Monday December 31 2018, 15:02:53 UTC 46km N of Spanish Springs, Nevada 1.1 10.0
Monday December 31 2018, 14:30:18 UTC 94km SSW of Kaktovik, Alaska 2.1 0.0

Monday December 31 2018, 13:48:00 UTC 27km WSW of Hawthorne, Nevada 0.7 11.9

Monday December 31 2018, 10:21:50 UTC 32km ESE of Bridgeport, California 0.9 0.0

Monday December 31 2018, 08:33:45 UTC 44km E of Hawthorne, Nevada 1.4 9.7

Monday December 31 2018, 08:32:30 UTC 30km NNE of Alamo, Nevada 1.2 0.0


Monday December 31 2018, 10:49:41 UTC 49km S of Calingasta, Argentina 5.3 mag 101.2 km
31°20'S / Lon.: 69°25'W / Altitude: 1362m

The area where the December 31 2018 earthquake occurred in Calingasta is a department of the province of San Juan. It is the southwestern corner of the province, which is predominantly a landscape of mountains and rivers.

Is China building a secret base program in Argentina? Vice News has done some reporting asking the towns people what they think the Chinese are really doing out in the Patagonia desert. The Chinese people say that they are observing the stars with an investment of 50 million dollars on foreign land tax free. According to the report "China gets access to 494 acres of land, rent and tax-free, for 50 years. The Argentine government gets access to the base just 10 percent of the time." Yet the 7,000 towns people from  Las Lajas, Neuquen Province, Argentina do not think the Chinese are there for the space program. They are watching closely because they live 70 km from where the Chinese satellites are built .   Is the agenda more sinister than just looking at the celestial sky.

The Patagonia Area
China Built A Space Base In Argentina To Explore The Dark Side Of The Moon (HBO

Nearby is the River Agrio The video claims that the contruciton of the dome base is 18 meter of diametre or  " del "domo" o base de la antena: un gigante de cemento de 18 metros de diámetro. Also:

It is also located nine kilometers from Las Lajas, the provincial protected natural area "Cuchillo Cura Cave System", unique in South America and considered the most extensive in the country.

The site keeps thousands of stalactites and stalagmites that adorn more than four kilometers of cavities, and has its own fauna species, such as small insects totally adapted to the underground life.

In the surroundings of Las Lajas were found the remains of an ornithopod dinosaur over 130 million years old, as well as sites with rock paintings, petroglyphs and a variety of archaeological remains dating back to the original communities that inhabited the territory. of 6000 years

"In the report "Construyen en Las Lajas, Neuquén, una estación terrena China de control espacial" from 2014 the speaker talks about the area to be opened to tourist so far only students from the previous Vice News claim have entered into it . So why the change of mind?

There is also the H.A.R.P program in Peru.

Very Close Earthquakes Fiji, Indonesia, Japan,Tajikistan  

A series of earthquakes occurred around the world within 10 minutes apart from each all over 4 magnitude with Fiji continuing to have deep earthquakes deep in the ocean. Then eight hours later a larger magnitude earthquake at 5.1 and yet not so deep earthquake.

Monday December 31 2018, 20:22:15 UTC 145km NNW of Neiafu, Tonga 5.1 170.9
Monday December 31 2018, 15:48:07 UTC 10km NW of Kulob, Tajikistan 4.0 mg 28.8 km depth

Monday December 31 2018, 13:15:17 UTC 72km E of Ndoi Island, Fiji 4.7 523.0

Monday December 31 2018, 13:33:10 UTC 97km SSE of Saiha, India 4.1 51.1

Monday December 31 2018, 14:10:25 UTC 39km E of Namie, Japan 5.1 43.3
Monday December 31 2018, 14:05:22 UTC 120km NNE of Tobelo, Indonesia 4.4 234.2

Unusual Earthquakes

Caribbean Sea and Sargasso Sea

The British Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, 
Monday December 31 2018, 17:48:27 UTC 4 hours ago 119km N of Road Town, British Virgin Islands 3.4 57.0

Unusual Deep Earthquake Trend December 2018


10 km Depth Earthquake Trend   0 km Earthquake Depth Trend   Unusual Deep Earthquake Trend

0 km depth and 10 km depth earthquakes are right on the atmosphere surface so what is making these shaking? Perhaps something not within the earth but outside of the Earth's surface. Which is why many are paying attention to the secret space programs that the public does not know has existed.

The 10 km depth Earthquakes is a trend that needs close attention to. On October the 3 2018 Indonesia received over three 10 km depth earthquakes. Then there was that large unusual tsunami  at 9:30 pm central time followed 5 days ago. They say that a volcano  triggered the tsunami because there was no earthquake in that area during that time. So is the October 3, 2018 10 km depth earthquakes in Indonesia triggering volcano eruptions. It is no coincidence that this low depth earthquakes are  could be triggered by some microwave weapon perhaps via satellite happening on the ionosphere . Yesterday, a 6.1 magnitude earthquake hit again  at 10:03 a.m. local time (0303 GMT) with an epicenter of 26 km underearth of southeast Manokwari.

 91km WSW of Nikol'skoye, Russia
Redoubt Volcano is Alaska
 137km NNW of Ile Hunter, New Caledonia

Whatever is occurring in Fiji and Tonga area is letting us know that nature is quietly changing beneath the ocean.

The Redoubt Volcano also is another trend that some say is a ticking bomb. In my observation over the year, the redoubt volcano strange earthquakes keep on getting deeper.

10 km depth Earthquake

Friday December 28 2018, 20:20:12 UTC 3 hours ago Central East Pacific Rise 4.8 10.0
Friday December 28 2018, 19:02:02 UTC 5 hours ago 65km WSW of Redoubt Volcano, Alaska 2.5 186.6
Friday December 28 2018, 18:51:00 UTC 5 hours ago 91km WSW of Nikol'skoye, Russia 4.8 10.0

Deep Unusual Earthquakes: Fjiji

Friday December 28 2018, 17:05:53 UTC 6 hours ago Fiji region 4.3 592.9
Friday December 28 2018, 17:05:55 UTC 6 hours ago 39km SSE of Redoubt Volcano, Alaska 1.8 67.4
Friday December 28 2018, 16:44:17 UTC 7 hours ago 132km ENE of Ndoi Island, Fiji 4.6 511.5
Friday December 28 2018, 14:36:44 UTC 9 hours ago 137km NNW of Ile Hunter, New Caledonia 4.8 10.0

Unusual earthquake Fiji and 10 km depth