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Climate Chaos 5G A Disaster is Inevitable

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56 million people will be migrants by 2030 according to the EU around the World

Climate Chaos 5G A Disaster is Inevitable



The Extinction of Humanity 5G Image

Remember when plastic containers use to be a threat to the environment. How about plastic water bottles. Well that threat somehow seems to be forgotten amidst the new technology entering our atmosphere above us and within us. It will be hovering on top of our heads as satellites and entering through our skins as we become live antennas JUST FOR TECHNOLOGY. We will be cooked and microwaved constantly.

Hence, the World has not changed for the better but for the worst. They want us to take care of nature. But now the worst devastation has began 5G.

First Water and Earth  Pollution now Air Pollution. A disaster in the making.

First it was 1G
Then it was 2G
Moving on to 3G - Youtube
Then 4G-Netflix
Now IT IS 5G- autonomous cars
What is NeXT!

Your internet connection may already be operating in 5G. You just do not know it. If you are in Canada no one has to ask you for permission. Why? Because it is already in your home.

If you are living in Canada, your Internet providers need not ask you or explain to you what it is.

5G is not the future it is already here.

Remember the new movie , called Bird... That movie was not telling you nothing it was telling you everything. Deborah Tavares says this technology has cooked peoples eyes in World War 2.

They Go Forth 5G