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Human Crisis Could Turn to a Climatic Chaos Situation 15,000 Troops Head to U.S Border

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Human Crisis Could Turn to a Climatic Chaos Situation 15,000 Troops Head to Border

2018-11-01  pm

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"We have to have a wall of People" says U.S President Donald Trump

30,000 people in caravan will travel to tijuana mexico by megatrndz

Millions of Mexicans are currently without water as Mexico City has shut off water for the next 5 days. Is their a correlations one with the other. Mexican newspaper are stating 30,000 people will be in Tijuana as part of the caravan heading to United States. Will this be the new way to control population crisis. Just a few weeks ago, Californian residents experienced a similar scenario but without electricity as fear that the wind even though their was no report of it would start another California State Fire.  So are we being told the truth.

The President of the United States is amid his own crisis at the border. Since about October 19, 2018 the President of the United States Donald Trump mentioned 5,000 troops would be the number of troops heading to the Mexican American Border it has now grown to three times as much. This could go two ways a historical event is about to happen. And here is why? President Donald Trump had a hunch or received intelligence information about Middle Eastern men being part of the caravan. The first number of caravan quickly grew from 2,000 to over days 12,000 people. A very descent amount of less than 2,000 children was being reported by Univision at the time when 7,000 caravan people was being reported. One third were woman and the other third were traveling men. Now megatrndz has found evidence from a Christian News of the middle eastern men that  President Trump had been talking about all along. They are most likely traveling in the next caravan that has just recently cross the Guatemalan border with Mexico a couple of days ago. The world has its eyes peeled in the next day or so as what could be a war scenario or a humanitarian crisis. In any case God Bless the children and mothers whom are truly fleeing for violence and injustice. Could this start a religious war as many have reported sleeper cells in the United States and now heading to the U.S Somalian perhaps terrorist? So far one death at the Guatemalan Border, a child lost or stolen, and cell phone stolen?Are innocent people being used for a bigger worldwide plot?

At this moment the caravan is at the Matias Romero

Caravana de migrantes centroamericanos llega a Matías Romero 1,448 watching now

6 hours ago

8 hrs ago

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Millions without water Noticias Telemundo 31 de oct

The Mexican newspapers have reported on  October 26, 2018 as many as 30,000 people plan to enter the City of Tijuana destined to the United States.

Confirmado! Hordas humanas de hondureños y centroamericanos tienen como meta definida llegar a la Ciudad de Tijuana como una sola fuerza de '30 mil personas'.

ALERTA! VIENEN 30 MIL EN CARAVANA DE 'ILEGALES ' A TIJUANA by concienciaradio Published on Oct 26, 2018

October 30 2018 2 days ago U.S. border police conduct security drills ahead of the caravan

On October 25, 2018 a CBN news reporter Chuck Holton is at Tapachula Mexico has uncovered UN involvement. CBN News is a Christian network so surely they know what a somolian from brazil is doing among innocent caravan asylum seekers.

CBN News Embeds with the Caravan: What We Discovered About UN Involvement, Foreigners and Felons

October 23, 2018 Hagmann and Hagman guest Brigitte Gabriel - 10/23/2018 - Rise & Act for America

The cutest little girl from the Caravan says the "mareros" is what they are fleeing. She wants to go to school in the United States. October 22, 2018 Niño de 8 años relata por qué salió de Honduras en la caravana migrante

Who is sponsoring caravans?
It is not a surprise that George Soros founder of Open Society Foundation and Snopes is funding the invasion.