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Deception Agenda: Fleeing From Terror and Persecution 2018

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Deception Agenda Fleeing From Terror and Persecution  November 7, 2018 

2018-11-07 by  Veronica Davis

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Misconception of C.A Caravan Nov 8 2018 by megatrndz

There is a misconception of the Central American Caravan . News Media reporters like Ezra Levant or Rebel Media and CBC National seem not to get it right.  Deception Agenda: Fleeing From Terror and Persecution 2018

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There is help but never enough for those that have none.

Virtual City Donations 1200 miles left Caravan 2018

There is a human crisis happening around the world that people are not talking about which is terrorism. It is a deception agenda trend that not even the media is reporting the truth. People are fleeing from persecution such as from Nicaragua and Honduras. Both Latin American countries has suffered aggressive persecution as people have been killed due to not belonging to communism. Those are the communist countries that have been terrorising people in the streets as the politicians have been shedding blood in the streets since December 2017.

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So it is not poverty that people are running from but from terror. Fearing their lives are next. Ezra Levant media reports are reporting the wrong information about the Caravan. Perhaps it has to do with language barriers that they are reporting the wrong information about the Honduras and Central American Caravan is one that is happening worldwide. There were a few misconceptions being reported by the CBC and Ezra Levant media here are some suggestions to the Canadian Media.

Misconceptions about  Human Caravan Crisis Caravan 

Poverty in their country
People are looking for a better life
People are ambitious
People are Lazy and do not want to apply from their country
Most are males
Political Agenda Push American Elections

Right Information About Human Caravan Crisis

Not just from Honduras see #golpedeestado #Nicaragua
Most are devoted Christians
Running from Civil war and communism
#Terror is what they are fleeing
Most are children and widowed mothers

This week a CBC reporter says that they are just ambitious people is the worst narrative you can attach to people whom have been terrorized in their own Country. The truth is that there is a bigger agenda behind this migration. An agenda that is hidden from even the poorest of the poor whom are adults whom do not know how to read or write or children that have not ever attended school do to the poverty in their country. A secretive mission being controlled by the Deep State and the dark arena of people whom want one world government no matter what it takes. It is the building and foundation of World War 3 no person is migrating or choosing to walk mile due to a choice or ambition but reality and terror. It is the end times that Our Lord Jesus Christ speaks about during Harvest time.

A second migrant shows how they are walking with a cross as a sign of persecution and fleeing from terror. Only some are reporting this fact.

Second migrant caravan heads to the US by Africanews

All these wrong one sided Canadian reporting is incorrect practice of journalism. Journalism is suppose to say the truth. Canada media is mocking the Human Crisis. There was plenty of evidence that shows how the Canadian media is clueless about the caravan. Wrong translations, confusing accusations and effortless reporting. Regardless their videos are listed below those that speak Spanish judge for yourself.

Media’s caravan narrative vs. REALITY | David Menzies in Mexico

October 31, 2018 Migrant caravan faces increasing barriers to move out of southern Mexico

November 1, 2018

Changing the narrative is part of the media reporting such quotes as " She does not known she is part of a pawn in a political storm?" and " Truth may be not, he mocks" says the CBC reporter. The truth is backwards she is mocking the interviewee. The chaotic reality of the migrant caravan by CBC. The truth is that the CBC media is thirsty for any narrative that she reads the people wrong and is translating the language all wrong all this was foud in the November 1, 2018 report called " The chaotic reality of the migrant caravan".

Migrant caravan pushes north, undeterred by threats and warnings by CBC News November 2, 2018

November 7-5 2018

November 3 2018

On October 31, 2018 a person writes:

Cruel and Inhuman
That is what the United States has been doing to control the wild horses in Arizona?