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Human Crisis United States Fears and in National Emergency

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Human Crisis United States Fears and in National Emergency

 by Veronica Davis 2018-10-22 

Human Crisis in the United States border President Donald Trump Fears terrorists amondg crowd. At around 8:30 am the President of the United States Fears for the worst . Although he has not been clear why the military will be needed in the southern border he is given hints in his tweet an hour ago. He states “Unknown middle eastern men mixed with criminals”.

The tweet once again sounds like a racial profile or targeting a certain race. First the majority of the latinos are criminals now middle eastern men are terrorist. First of all Latin America is full of mixed races. It is unfair of the racial commentary. It does not help but create anger and hatred. Nonetheless president Donald Trump should focus on implementation than accusation without proof.
On Thursday the president of Guatemala Jimmy Morales has captured 100 Isis operatives.
But, What we do know is that an innocent caravan from Honduras travelling with victims of violence and war started a week ago with a group of two thousand has grown to over seven thousand over night. Over one thousand children Included. Readbelow story.

The United States President Donald Trump continues to break ties with Central American countries like Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador stating in his most recent tweet to the world. But it is unclear why politics is being prioritize over safety. Catching the criminals in Mexican soil has not been discussed with the world Could this be the October Surprise. What is worrisome is that the a national emergency should not be confused with immigration issues. Innocent people traveling with terrorist is not being discussed treating or saying all are criminals should be against human rights.If the terrorist are known should not they be stopped in the present country. Why aren’t the terrorist faces profiled publicly that is if they even exist.

Human Crisis Six Thousand Honduran Caravan Pregnant Woman and Children a World Upside Down

 by Veronica Davis 2018-10-21
#exododeHondurenos    #CaravanaDeMigrantes   #RefugeesWelcome

The Great Depression that they do not want you to see

Desperation Panick and Chaos as the World is Turned upside down due to economical and political crisis

Your Eyes will see what you want to see.. your ears will hear what you want to hear..So why not pick on the weak!

For over a week, Imagine walking with nothing in your hands but holding the hand of your loved one. Pregnant mothers with children whom have lost all their family members from violence and corrupt political system in Honduras. It is a horrific worldwide scene we are all witnessing these couple of days. Hundreds of strong healthy hard working  men whom say that there is no food to eat back home. These people are not criminals they are not victims of society they are moving because they want to progress in life. A life that God gave them.

While the suicide rate has increased in North America we learn from hard working God driven people like those in the Caravan that are probably in worst situations that the victims of suicide cannot stop but look for something better.

As the President of United States calls the majority of them Criminals it is his cold blooded heart that will definitely make his elections loose for the next year. What type of leader is President Donald Trump. Is he condemning the weak to look better in front of the people against immigration period . Has his heart become stone cold? One of the biggest sin is to judge. Judging people whom you have not even seen their identification, whom  President of Donald Trump has not even seen for himself and calling the meek criminals will one day be his downfall. Instead of being soft spoken he has turned to a man that is stone cold. Perhaps meeting stone cold leaders around the world is actually bad karma? Perhaps he is learning too much from them? President Donald Trump is starting to use hate as part of his speech which is wrong. The first time he called a latino criminal I thought ok he is talking about those specific people. But now he is talking about another group of latinos as criminal. Ok that is called racism. Constantly picking on one race and attaching a label is racism.

How much are we understanding that the world is under immense pressure and reaching an unimaginable human crisis. It is not just happening in one country but it is affecting the world. In some countries, the weather patterns have hit the hardest in some poverty continues to get worst and worst. Violence and corrupt system is another great factor that takes human crisis to a high level of emergency. It is unclear which one of these factors comes first but if humanity has never been put first than it will fall down.

Over six thousand people said to come from an Honduran Caravan reached the Mexican border a couple of days ago at approximately 1 pm. Several minutes later they were greeted by a government official whom said over a speaker that they would be allowed in after the bridge. As the second gate came close to the six thousand migrants the gates were torn down. Children and pregnant woman and others fell to the ground. The heat had been 35 degrees and the people were exhausted and tired of waiting to reach the Mexican Border. There was a story of a child being put in front of hundreds of police officers as a human shield. Although the story seems cruel I saw it as a sign of God intervene. Many times Jesus Christ told the people that the little ones were to be untouched and be permitted in the Kingdom of Heaven first.

It is like building a sand castle right next to the ocean waters. Ever tried doing that!

How long do you think the sand castle will stay up before the tides washes it away?

But what is primarily  obvious is the direction the planet is heading towards.

We are living in an age where  one hardly has put God Jesus Christ first.
That is not true one may say. How do I know this. I know this because of what is happening all around us.

Many people are leaving God Jesus Christ behinds. 
Are people walking with God Jesus Christ.

God Jesus Christ told us in many parables what he was to the world. At Jacob's well, He also told us that  he was the water. He told the Samaritan woman whom had been living with many men  through out her life and yet never married. 

So as the world crumbles in different directions those hard hit either have left God  Jesus Christ behind in their hearts or have never accepted him in the first place .

There will always be a storm and more now than ever.
Each time there is a storm there is always one home that really stands still among the thousands that got wept away. I believe that is what God Jesus Christ wants us to focus on that one home that was able to stand not the others that got swept away. It is possible  to be the example than to be the denominator. We are the stone, we are the remnant. Everything is possible through God.

The caravans and the storms are a perfect example of how fragile humanity has become. Humanity is constantly striving to find someone else to fix our problems. When in reality those issues are either created by someone else and not ourselves. If they have not been created by someone else those problems are created through our own faults. Those faults must be dealt first before others take advantage or manipulate the weak. It is why caravans are as old as Moses as described in the Book of Exodus. But they were fleeing from slavery. Many are fleeing from the slave system and yet may not know what is waiting for them on the other side. Most specially if they are being manipulated by the deceiver. I really hope the best for the poor people of Honduras whom are wishing for jobs and runny away from poverty. Running away from a system that has no health care, no welfare, no real job structure for the poor. Where the poor are left to die with only to become a victim of having to be beggars on the street without a school system set for them. Breaking a cycle of deception in their home country. Because one day it may be them and another day it may be us. I hope and bless all those poor  pregnant woman whom are walking in the caravan or  the poor children whom were born into the slave system of society and are learning now that remaining in one spot is no longer either safe or a way to survive. These children are looking for ways to become a victor not a victim. Where a pencil means something for them. How many times do children whom have it all in a better country cannot take advantage of that. When human fail to see the truth in front of them is just as bad as your eyes being bad.

Watch the next video where humanely Mexico has opened its border to over 6,000 people in need of care for now. The first part of the video the reporter asks the nurse what the people have been in need of as she answer every type of medication. Humanity needs to change for the best. Putting Children in cages is a poor example of what low society and humanity we are moving towards.

Grupo de migrantes hondureños continúan a la espera de cruzar la frontera mexicana | Prensa Libre

October 21 2018

#Conozca part of the story Mario Castellanos, a 12-year-old boy who travels alone among the hundreds #migrantes who try to cross the border and enter #EstadosUnidos #Frontera #Guatemala #México(SEPA +)

October 19 2018

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