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Public Shootings Trend : Youtube Headquarters

Public Shootings Trend : Youtube Headquarters

by Veronica Davis 2018-04-03 5:40pm

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More victims in gun violence and terror so sad to report horrible news.

Chaos and Violence on the streets in the United States is becoming such as trend that security and safety must be implemented. It has not been that long ago that there was a massive shooting spree in Florida and now another one today.

Live from California at the Youtube Headquarter in an active shooting scene 1,700 people in terrifying ordeal.

At around 12:44 pm a shooter believed to be a female was shooting at the Youtube Headquarters. It is still a fluid situation and police currently are searching in Yahoo buildings in San Bruno, California.
The shooter is believed to have shot herself.

Breaking female Shooter dead Youtube Headquarters 2018 04 03 5 09 13 PM

Human Crisis Trend:  1,300 Hondurans  on Foot Compassion Over Hatred

by Veronica Davis  2018-04-03

When you spread hatred instead of compassion for the meek and the poor , then the media will get no where. As it is written and said by Jesus Christ himself  "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.( Saint Matthew 5:3). Expected to reach the United States border in and around April 11, 2018 a group of asylum seekers mainly 88% from Honduras. The Human Crisis Continues as more people walk on foot around the world to reach freedom from persecution and danger . On December 3, 2018 a corrupt Honduras Government has been leaving people in fear as read in "Coup d'état Trend : A Country in Crisis, Dangers of a Coup d'état Trend " on December 03, 2017. When people disguised as media go out and label human beings as M 13 or as an army when they do not have weapons is really concerning on the level of compassion for human beings. It is happening all around the world.

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