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Nation-less Trend: 140,000 Salvordorans May Be Nation-less

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Nation-less Trend: 250,000 Salvadorans May Be Nation-less

18-01-2018 by Veronica Davis

Asylum Seekers Before They Are Seeking
Is being Patriotic.
Being a Nationalist
A Traditionalist
Even worth the meaning of those words, anymore.
You know the explorer or the voyager.
Now can we call those the wanderers.
What the heck am I talking about.

Will one day the meaning of being from a specific country even mean anything anymore.
As "they" push people like cattle from one place to another.

Who is herding this livestock.
No wait, I am not talking about a farm.
Not cows.
I am talking about people.
I am talking about a family.

What does family mean now to politics to nations to leaders of all nations.

We all heard Ex Presidents from the United States, France and other calling it perhaps
Climatic Chaos.

What happens when a disaster from a country your ancestors have lived for generations if not centuries.
Imagine the amount of traditions known treasures accumulated over centuries.

Imagine being passionate about living.
Imagine accumulating comfort and building faith and trust with your neighbors.

 Imagine living in a home where you worked so hard
for decades.

You know you work hard, and so you earned it.
Does working hard and saving up for your life earning mean nothing anymore.
But I have one thing to say to nation leaders If you do not believe in their religion and faith why accept them at all.

Do not rattle the crib.
Because human beings are becoming nation-less means stripping them off their human rights.
Could one day we fear of even having a religion.

You will see what I mean.
Asylum Seekers

Just like in Jesus's Time where him and the apostles never really had a house. Always having to wonder around from place to place. Perhaps that is the reason why Paul in Corinthians called the temple is within you.

Asylum Seekers

Is this an Agenda with a Bigger Agenda
Agenda 21

This all sums up to what is really going on and trending all around the North America's.

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200,000 Salvadorans Asylum Seekers May Not

Yes, Canada is now stepping in to asylum seekers now  from Salvador .

Now the media seems to inform us with reports such as in the entitled article "Salvadoran asylum seekers could test Canada's immigration system With their temporary protected status under threat in the U.S., Salvadorans may see Canada as an option written Jan 07, 2018. It states since August 2017 "the Asylum seekers line up to enter Olympic Stadium ..near Montreal. The federal government's contingency plans for a new surge of asylum seekers could be put to the test with the pending decision on the fate of 200,000 Salvadorans."Like many other articles will state the same thing. It is the " Trump administration is on the cusp of announcing whether it will renew the temporary protected status that's allowed Salvadorans to live in the United States without fear of deportation since 2001."

And so this reminds me one simple word "fear", the media, the politicians, "they" are constantly pushing fear first. Nope never have "faith" in your government.

  The reporter on the news said last night, Canada is placing posters all over California advertising Canada.

The Miami Herald said today :

Florida members of Congress and activists on Monday branded as “cruel” and “senseless” the Trump administration’s decision to lift the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) issued to 200,000 Salvadoran immigrants after an earthquake devastated their country
Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, a Miami Republican, warned that the “cruel decision” will have “a terrible impact on our communities on 200,000 people, their relatives and the United States.”
“It’s a shame #POTUS is insensitive to the plight of so many who have contributed so much to our great nation. I have been advocating renewal since last year and will continue,” she tweeted, using the acronym for President of the United States.

Now see, how Countries are now behaving like a business no longer a nation. Cause one day if we do not ramp up our faith to God. And pledge to the Lord why we are here. That we are not commodities we are human being created by God and with God's Hand and Grace we will flourish.

The tweet says:
Terminating Salvadoran TPS will affect:
-195,000 working people
-192,700 U.S.-born children
- $109.4 BILLION lost from the U.S. GDP over 10 years without these workers

UNITE HERE denounces the Trump administration's decision to terminate Salvadoran TPS.

Actor and political activist Alyssa Milano is actively working with DreamAct where 800,000 youths may be deported to no where land. But even if we listen to Alyssa Talk it is all Trumps fault.

Alyssa is not like many other actresses whom are and have never been a Trump Supporter are rallying children to go out and protest to only get themselves arrested. The trouble with all this cattle herding is that everyone is falling into "their" agenda. Like the remnants of George Soros and Obama, Hillary Clinton and other remnants that Trump will and is going after for their Criminal Human Rights Violating crimes.

So the Agenda to push innocent people around .
Creating  hatred worldwide calling people cruel
here and causing fear there
 is senseless act of lack of faith in their nation.
God is testing us on our faith.
Because all article point to "Trump"
and ethnic groups "may" be deported is only to cause fear.
No decision has even been made and
"they" want panic, disorder, rebellion and disobedience
which are all acts of sin
And so I ask you is the World becoming nation-less a push for a One World Government.

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So why has God reveled the word Secular.

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Beware of False Prophets

On top of a mountain in Galilee, Our Lord Jesus Christ tells the multitudes found in Gospel of Matthew 5:48, "Therefore, you shall be perfect, just as your Father in Heaven is perfect"
 In those precious words Our Celestial Father, God told us that we are as perfect as in his image ...perfect. A master piece in his image.