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The Testimony Trend Continues : Returning to Our Lord Jesus Christ

The BreakThrough Trend : Rise Up The Testimony Trend and The Wrong Set Up Trend
Ezekiel 38 Russian-Turkish-Iranian- Alliance

The Testimony Trend Continues :  Returning to Our Lord Jesus Christ Almighty Yashua  

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The BreakThrough Revelation Trend Continues

Thank You for all the subscribers! Keep in Mind megatrndz is available on youtube and twitter. Alot happened this weekend folks as the Lord Almighty Yeshua wants to contact all of us in messages as THE BREAKTHROUGH SEASON.

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Youtube Published on Jun 22, 2015 by  The Other Side of Darkness Youtube Channel  or  link posts her testimony entitled "Testimony Of An Ex Witch Transformed By Jesus!" 143,840 views

Listen to Jasmin tell her testimony of chained in the occult and become a born again Christian watch "Testimony Occult Witchcraft" or  with 119,228 views in the Channel entitled Jesussavesyou4000 published on May 1, 2013

Originally Aired on Sid Roth It is Supernatural 1998 Episode This Satanic High Priestess was not a match for God, Lisa Gwinn or link on  Sid Roth it is Supernatural 138,802 views Youtube Published on Aug 16, 2017

Also on Sid Roth It's Supernatural on  "Exposing the Real Dangers of Witchcraft, Psychics, Hypnotism" or

The BreakThrough Trend Seeing in the Dark Says the Lord Revelation 21

#themegatrndzshow #grace  #love #yashua #jesuslovesme #mytestimony #jerusalem

The BreakThrough Revelation Trend Continues 

Read all trends soon available Megatrndz Book Volume 1

The Lord Almighty Points to Revelation 21:10-11

On December 5, 2017 Episode 7 on Part 4 of the Megatrndz Show. Also as I continued to ask this afternoon to the Lord questions and he point me to a message as I  opened the book called Scivia page 341 Mystical Visions  Vision . The Lord Almighty sent me to Revelation. In the Revelation he speaks of going to Jerusalem. Remember folks what has been happening in the News with President Trump making Jerusalem the City of Israel,

The BreakThrough Trend Seeing in the Dark Says the Lord Revelation 21

Seeing in the Dark Says The Lord
Seeing in the Dark Megatrndz Show Episode 4

The Lord has revealed everything to me on December 1, 2017. Then by looking what happened and was revealed in the News three nations are coming together.

Also Read the article on December 1, 2017 about
Bible Prophecy of Ezekiel 38 The Gog and Magog   and then Jim Bakker video revealed in 2015 the same ways the Lord had spoken to me in the Dark.

Listen to Gog and Magog in Turkey in the Jim and Bakker Show or link   on March 12, 2015

  If you have been unable to know the Lord in the most intimate way he sends a message to all of us.
Seeing in the Dark Revelation My Testimony