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MKUltra Trend: An American MKUltra Op Dies

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An American MKUltra  Op Dies 

Wednesday 2017-11-22

Yesterday, an individual known world wide as a serial killer has  finally perished from the Earth. His name is not worth the mention but referred to as Charles M. MkUltra goes back decades ago as a mind control program.

For those of you that have know idea what MkUltra is perhaps a little insight from American infowarrior Alex Jones, as he explains it:

the 60s there was a law enforcement  craze. They called it that law enforcement was claiming there was all this Satanism no there was Satanism  there was a massive human sacrifice  going on and it was being done to enter  in the new age to have Lucifer exterminate 90% of the world's  population and then have humans merged with machines and become the new God men  I talked about that in my film ten years  ago in-game suddenly this last week  there were London Guardian Associated  Press Reuters stories about oh this Czech head from Google has left to start  his new worship the AI cult and all  these famous people are part of it oh  he'll be the leader now it just came out 02:32 of nowhere it's the same plan it  originated in London England in 1855 it  is a long-term world government project 02:43 whose in-game is to exterminate the 02:46 majority of the world population to save 02:48 the earth and then they're gonna have 02:50 the enlightened folks move forward 02:56 transcend and I have a stack of it right 02:59 here and they just think you're stupid 03:02 they just think you're complete and 03:05 total morons and that you're not going 03:09 to understand this this is their 03:11 religion this is their program it's to 03:13 shut down the family its destroy 03:15 Christians it is to pull down 03:17 civilization and society just like the 03:19 French Revolution tried to do overthrow 03:23 decency overthrow success overthrow beauty overthrow honor desecrate it 03:31 blaspheming and every day there's TV ads  saying fathers are bad masculinity is 03:40 bad families are evil get rid of them  this is the program and you've got all 03:45 these zombie-like acolytes that 03:49 everybody got to witness this last 03:54 weekend across the country and more  anti-feminist ray shion's who can't even  talk and just scream and yell and grunt  and flip people off and this is a  program so you hear the same thing out of Charles Manson the same thing out of Theodore Kaczynski the same thing out of  these guys because they came out of the  same colleges they went to the same  college and and Manson was part of a CIA  mind control program he wrote songs with the Beach  Boys he knew most of the big Hollywood stars he was invited into their houses  because he was a bagman for the CIA who was delivering the drugs into the  circles to begin the mind controlled  operations and Hollywood knows this  they've they've put movies out kind of a modern fiction contemporary but based  back in the and  in California  where it's the FBI that's actually  handing out the drugs and the LSD because that's who was actually doing it  but again it was compartments of the FBI

Listen to the full video report form The Alex Jones Channel entitled "MKUltra Operative Charles M.. "

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  A day after 15,000 scientists from 184 countries issued a warning to all of humanity about the dire consequences of climate change, many of us woke up as we usually do, and went about our day with little or no concern for the future of the human race.

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