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Vigilant Japan Evacuates

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United Nations calling for an Immediate Meeting after Rogue Nation Continues to Bully

Vigilant Japan Evacuates

2017-09-04 4:30 pm

So while the following breaking news is taking place one critical question to ask will the united states, and Canada start evacuating its citizen and stay out of the cross fire and protect its travelers abroad. What happens at time of war or hostility? Who protects its people? One thing is for sure, just like the Hurricane question, the same must occur in this event. Do not rely on the government to answer those questions. Act now while there is no travel.

Japan Prepares for Evacuation of South Korea (2017-09-04 4:02 pm )
The evacuation news started spreading at around 1 pm central time. Right now Japan time is 3 am .

Why is Japan  preparing for Evacuation of South Korea.  Why are Travelers told not to travel to South Korea .   Prime Minister in Japan has had enough from Rogue Nation North Korea now tells citizens to evacuate. There are over 60,000 Japanese people in South Korea, and the Prime Minister, has asked them to evacuate.

Avoid unessential travel to South Korea,
Do not travel to South Korea,
Urging Japanese citizens there to evacuate,
Urging them to shelter in place.

Vigilant Japan Evacuating on Sept 4, 2017

While the Missile Defense AA tweeted today at 1 pm "South Korea ready to install 4 more launchers to complete THAAD deployment after North Korea's nuclear test ". The breaking news began at the same time "#BREAKING: JAPAN PREPARING TO EVACUATE CITIZENS FROM SOUTH KOREA"

Both News: tweets and the news the 1 pm

Hurricane Irma heading to Carribean Islands Sept 4
2017-09-04 3:30 pm

Hurricane Season begins June 1 and ends November 30 specifically in the Atlantic Ocean.
The Solar Eclipse path of August 21, 2017 ended in the Atlantic Ocean and soon after that Hurricane Harvey was born. continue reading Subscribe Today