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Marine Protected Area Trend

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 MAPS the World's Largest Marine Protected Area   
2017-09-22- 4:56 pm update 9:00 pm

#getinvolved #climatechange #climateweek #unga  #cleanupoceans #saveoceanlife #worldoceansday #arcticocean #marineconservation #waterpollution #giantbergA-68

It is an urgent call and a crisis the melting of the north pole icebergs. Imagine a sanctuary where this is no seismic activity or commercial control and where marine life can roam and live freely and breath clean fresh waters like in the time of God's first Creation.

Is it possible. And how can you contribute to allow this beautiful creatures like sea lions, penguins, polar bears, whales, dolphins and other marine life to roam zenful. Just think of one simple word, MAPS. joins MAPS marine artic peace sanctuary

MAPS stands for Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary, it will be the world's largest marine protected  area located North of the Arctic C…

7.4 magnitude Mexico City Earthquake Trend

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  My Daughter is Buried and No One Looking For Her?   2017-09-22- 8:48 am 

It has been several days now and some people in Mexico are still speechless and looking for their loved one. Not knowing if they are alive or dead.

A women still searching for her daughter and has received no help from government. In this sad interview with Jorge Ramos, she mentions that she has not been allowed to enter the area where she says her daughter worked as an accountant. Along with the Telemundo reporter Jorge Ramos she enters the forbidden site to regular mexican citizens. Listen to Conchita Gamez, the lady sitting alone as Jorge Ramos finds her September 21, 2017.
"Mi hija está enterrada entre todo eso que está ahí tirado": El llanto de una madre que pide ayuda

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Next News: joins marinine artic peace sanctuary

September 17-23 2017 Week 3
Milan Fashion Week 2017: How Sus…

Milan Fashion Week 2017

MEGATRNDZ > News > Fashion News>Milan Fashion Week Sept 20-25, 2017

How Sustainable will Milan Fashion Week Be?  2017-09-22- 8:48 am 
So Milan Fashion week kicked a couple of days ago, September 20, 2017 set to end on the 25th. How sustainable is Milan Fashion Week compared to other fashion weeks around the world. So sustainable that they have declared the color of the week as being Green.
🌱 "Milan Fashion Week: Gucci Extends News Cycle With Rocket Man" by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS via NYT — Rob (@aychsap) September 20, 2017

Milan Fashion Week kicks off - Twenty years of Missoni, sustainability 'Oscars' and Vogue party — Ansa English News (@ansa_english) September 20, 2017

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London Fashion Week Ban Fur Petition

London Fashion Week Ban Fur Petition 
September 19, 2017
FOR THE LOVE OF ANIMALS On September 16, 2017, we saw what happened outside of the Burberry Fashion Show this week at London Fashion Week. Now Banning Fur has become a public outcry demanding change to the London's British Fashion Council.

One person to demand change and start a petition is co-founder of Surge Activism Ed Winters. Below is a petition pleading to the British Fashion Council Ban Fur. Also watch the youtube video of Lucy Watson already hitting over a million hits.

Surge activism website  mission is:

 to create a world where compassion towards non-human animals is the norm. Our aim is to spread awareness, educate the public and assert a peaceful stance against animal exploitation. Surge approaches animal rights activism through well-orchestrated demonstrations, outreach events, stunts, films and online campaigns with a focus on positive community building.

So happy to see how many signatures we've had on thi…

Terremoto en Ciudad de Mexico 7.4

BREAKING NEWS: 7.4 Magnitude Mexico City 2017-09-19
An 7.4 Earthquake has hit Mexico City this Afternoon at around 1:34 pm central time on its 1985 Earthquake anniversary.

So far 42 deaths in Mexico City.

Are you looking for a loved one in Mexico City September 19, 2017 Earthquake, Google is helping

BREAKING NEWS: 7.4 earthquake hit Mexico City
BREAKING NEWS Mexico City 7.4 Earthquake hit

Un terremoto de 7,4 ha llegado a la Ciudad de México esta tarde alrededor de las 1:34 pm hora central en su aniversario del terremoto de 1985.
Hasta ahora 42 muertes en Ciudad de México.

Estás buscando un ser querido en Ciudad de México 19 de septiembre de 2017 Terremoto, Google está ayudando
Antes de regresar a su vivienda o edificio, revisen si presentan daños, desconecten la luz y cierren el gas. — Enrique Peña …

Martial Law Declared in London

Breaking News: Martial Law Declared in London

Sunday 2017-09-17 8:49 am
Currently in London, England it is

Watch video Martial Law in London England 2017 09 17

As the streets will be filled with tourist all around the world and London Fashion week has just began on September 14, 2017 there will be noticeable military officers all over the street. With the bridge being closed to public yesterday in fear of a weak point of attack.

Prime Minister Theresa may declares Marial Law calling the stage level as critical.

Operation Temperer

Theresa May is replacing police officers in the streets of London, for Military Officials. This comes after there has been several attacks in London and Paris.

Decoding Jose, Maria, Lee Hurricanes

Decoding Jose, Maria, and Lee 3 Biblical HurricanesSaturday, September 16, 2017 10:33 pm

Just how easy is it to decode Jose, Maria, and Lee. Is it a biblical sign or a mockery? Remember how Jesus Christ was mocked many times by many.

With Meteors seen passing by as large fireballs lite the sky in Africa on September 14, 2017 and
Hurricane Maria now being formed in the Atlantic Ocean. It will definitely bring alot of attention to the Christian World.  Now the word lee means sediments.

In the next few days, will definitely be decoding its deep christian roots and ties to the bible. These events are unfolding all at once.

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Inspiring Others at Fashion Week

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 London Fashion Week  Becoming Inspirational Fashion Models 

2017-09-16- 1:39 pm 

London Fashion Week New Models
Currently in London, England it is

Becoming Inspirational Fashion Models is the name of this article because it will become a growing trend. Perhaps fashion models one day will become more like a role model, one with a story , one with a past.

In the previous article entitled Neither Too Big or Too Thin, we looked at how being the perfect model size was slowly gradually changing in the fashion industry. As continues to look at the latest growing trend of Fashion Week in this case London, it takes us the same very topic "diversity". !:
kiddiespost:Alton Towers crash victim Vicky Balch modelled at London Fashion Week and no one realised. — Aitaleabiamo (@aitaleabiamo1) September 16, 2017 tweeted back the world noticed.. believe that nothing ever goes un…