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Hurricane Harvey Danger Far From Over

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Hurricane Harvey Danger Far From Over

August 26, 2017

A little Dark! Probably not what you want to hear , but according to an ABC report, a Mayor has warned non evacuating resident to mark their social security number on their bodies.

Has anyone reported seeing the Grey Hat Man or Hurricane Guardian Angel watch Netflix America's Supernatural 2013 Series, Season 1 Episode, called Haunted Hurricane 

Watch power CBS New York Reports of Hurricane Harvey Continues to Pound Southeast Texas.
Kyle Island, Texas Residents are being asked to be cautious for Flooding from Oasis River by Tuesday. Downgraded to a Cat 1, San Antonio now has rain however not in the eye of the storm.

125 miles per hour destroying homes and Tornado Warning continues in Effect.Worst in the Eye of the Storm, watch below how a fearful Rockport resident  David Yeomans says they are in a hotel now they are using the third back up generator and listen to the background noise. Just yesterday, "I am not feeling that safe" were David's words his sentiments are clear eventhough he says he is in a Category rated 5 Hotel.

David Yeomans in the Eyewall of HurricanE Harvey in Rockport

Watch out for the little creature , Texas Residents are being asked to leave alone until water recedes. Are the Creatures more like protecting humans from danger.

May God help those people in fear. Is this the Beginning to the End of the catastrophic hurricane Harvey wreaking havoc on Friday August 25, 2017 as it creeps along the Texas Coast line. It is a terrifying to see so much damage occurring a video the media has not shown yet but a must watch below as the waves his the hotels along the coastline.

BREAKING!!! Hurricane Harvey Hits Terrible YOU NEED TO SEE THIS!!! MOGA NEWS!!!
Risk Takers Video from Stormchasers Chasing the Eye of the Storm August 25, 2017

Hurricane Harvey Livestream: Jeff Piotrowski 8/25/17 Steets Steets

Hurricane Harvey Storm Chaser has Power Lines Explode almost hitting his car - Jeff Piotrowski Mick Demi -
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The Eye of the Storm is near