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The Fall Feasts Trend, The Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

The Feast of Lady of Guadalupe

"The appearance of the Blessed Mother of St. Juan Diego in Guadalupe Mexico in  December 9, 1531 is one of the nine Marian appearances approved by the Catholic Church. On December 12, the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe is celebrated.

One of Mexico's most treasured relics is the shroud of the Lady of Guadalupe or the Virgin Mary found by Juan Diego in  1531. Juan Diego was later made into a Saint.  The shroud of the Lady of Guadalupe is kept in a bullet proof box at the Church of Guadalupe. St. Juan Diego's sees the Lady of Guadalupe  in colors of the Stars and Rainbow, and soon Juan Diego's white robe is transformed into the image of his apparition. Soon after a Church is built where the apparition is seen.Juan Diego is 57 years old having seen the Virgin Mary on Tepeyac Hill, the site of a former Aztec Temple.

Juan Diego encounters the Virgin Mary three times. On the last time,  Our Lady appears for a third time when she sees Juan upset for his uncles sickness.  Our Lady  tells him "Am I not your mother? ... Are you not in the crossing of my arms?" she asks. In this cold December day the Virgin Mary leaves Diego a bunch of Roses on the Tepeyac Hill. Juan Diego gathers the Roses in his Cloak and when he returns his shroud is covered with the Virgin Mary Apparition.

For the last time, Our Lady of Guadalupe appears again, until her last completed mission. The temple is built and remains there today, in what is now a suburb of Mexico City. Mysteriously, Juan Diego's tilma, woven from cactus fibers, with a shelf-life of just 30 years at best, remains miraculously preserved.

At that time it was a  time of war , a time when the Aztec natives in Mexico were being awaken to the Spirit of Jesus Christ and the Church was being established in Mexico by the Spaniards from Spain. The shroud resembles the Princes of Heaven and Angels of above, and as seen to Juan Diego as a "Native Mexican Princess standing before the Sun and over the Crescent moon revealing that she is more powerful than the Aztec Gods yet her head is bowed and her hands are folded in prayer"

To this day, on December 12 around the worlds and at the same Church where the Our Lady of Guadalupe Relic stands a special  celebration is held.  Celebrities singing to the shroud takes place .

Our Lady of Guadalupe HD by Catholics online

The importance of Our Lady of Guadalupe to Pope Francis by ROME REPORTS in English

At the same time, miraculously Our Lady is appears to his uncle, Juan Bernadino who believes he is about to die. As soon as she appears, the fever stops and Juan Bernadino feels well again. She tells Juan Bernadino, she wants to be known as "Santa Maria, de Guadalupe."

The Virgin Mary Apparitions

There are eight other apparitions of the Virgin Mary that the Catholic Church has approved besides Our Lady of Guadalupe

  • The apparitions to St.Catherine Laboure in Paris, Frace in 1830.
  • The apparition to two small children in LaSalette, France in 1846
  • The apparitions to St.Bernadette Soubirous in Lourdes, France in  1850s.
  • The apparitions at Pontmain, France in January 1871.
  • The apparitions at Knock, Ireland in 1879.
  • The apparitions at Fatima, Portugal, in  1917.
  • The apparitions at Beauraing, Belgium in the Winter of 1932- 1933
  • The apparitions at Banneaux, Belgium in 1932.

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