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2016 Trends

God Bless and Happy New Year 2016!  Many blessings and as the year ends  and progresses the website created by Veronica Davis has been around since 2001. It is a joy and a blessing to see the website evolve with a variety of diverse topics. Megatrndz deals with an array of topics specifically selected from investigators, researchers such as Alex Jones, Jim Marrs,  Jim Bakker, Paul Begley, Joel Osteen, Clefo Dollar, Sid Roth, Steve Quayle, George Noory, Tom Horn all known to be strong and passionate for their work.

As a fashion producer and clothing designer in South Beach, Florida and Winnipeg, Canada and Veronica Davis began spreading creative projects  gathering unique people for a specific purpose in and showing off their various talents.

Today, with her faith in the Lord, and Jesus Christ, Veronica Davis is eager to spread knowledge and wisdom from in the Bible and with God's messagers. Her emphasize is to study the word of the Lord and to know that "the best thing in life are free" and "knowledge is power" or "the truth should set you free".

Sharing the phenomena , and mysterious trends with the world has been something unique  project to share. Spreading the word and knowing what the truth is very important. Overtime, topics have come out of nowhere others mysterious topics in the website are researched and from trusted sources. IAt the end of 2016, Fakenews has been a new trend that has been brought about by the internet which is why it is important to find the resources from trusted ones. Together the reporters, researchers , writers, critics, and fundamentalists found in are making a difference. Knowledge is power and connecting with the right audience is fascinating and must be advocated to its fullest credibility and confidence. So make sure to share knowledge it is the oldest way of communication before the internet.  Discussing various topics with people you trust is as important as protecting the future that no one can take away from you.

Update on 2016 Trends:

2018-01-12      If you have noticed that videos seem to disappear or are no longer showing. This if further proof that the information disappears quicker than history is re written. Sometime the  videos can be re traced by asking the owner of the channel. Sometimes social media giants removes videos for their own agenda and purpose. Disguising the truth with legal reasons.

2016 Mega Trends


1.1.11, 2009ES, 2013 tx 68,  2016 QL44, Alien agendas, anakim, ancient discovery, ancient water, animal invasion, animal plague, april 22, april 28, arc, arcangel gabriel asteroid, asteroid 2009ES, asteroid 2016 Va, asteroid prophecy, atlantic ocean fireball, atomic bomb


 babel, baking soda, Bananas, beauty tips, beforetheflood, bennu, Big Hollywood, blood moon, blood moon prophecy, blood moons, Bob Mitchell, bueno aries,


california, canada, canadian mine discovery, cascade mountains, cascadia bridge, Cascadia Subduction Zone, cern, chemtrails, children of israel, chimeras, climate change, climate chao, climate chaos, coast 2 coast, Comet, convocation, core, cosmetics, day of atonement,


december 2016, demon possession, depopulation, dimensional travel, dna, earth between mars and the sun,


earth changes, earth's wobble, earthquake, earthquakes, easter, ecatepec, eco-warrior, economoy crash, elul 29, emp attack, enigma, entertainment, eugenics movement, exercise the authority, exodus, exodus trend, extinct mysterious animals, extinction birds,


 fall feast, fallen angels, fault lines, feast of guadualupe, feast of tabernacle, feast of the trumpet, fema, fireball, floating city, food prices increase, food shortages, Forbidden Knowledge, four point swamp, fracking, fruit farms,


Gabriel's Fist, genetically modified., geoengineering, giants, glacier, Global Warming, gmo, gravitational waves, growing trend, growing trends, gulf of aden,


handmade cosmetic trend, Healthy eating, hexad, Hollywood climate change, homemade cosmetic trend, hurricane, hybrids,


impulse buying, interpreting scripture, irish ufo,


jakobshavn record retreat, Jason Quitt, jerusalem quake fault line, jesus cast out demons, jesus christ, jim baker, john tider 2, jonathan cahn, jonathan khan, juan de fuca plate, juan diego, July 16, July 17, July 18,


 Lady of Guadalupe, lake dissappearing, large birds, ldcfoundation, leonardo decaprio foundation, Leonardo DiCaprio, leviticus, leviticus 11:20, linda moulton howe, los angeles ufo, lunar distance, lunar eclipse,


 magma, mandela effect, manitoba, march 23, March Against Monsanto May 21, mark 11, massachussets, massive animal deaths, massive invasion, melting ice, mental illness, mercury dumping, mercury poisoning, meteor, ‪Mexico‬, ‪‪Michoacán‬, mine spill, missile test, mokele-mbembe, montreal, moses, Mt St.Helens, Mt St.Helens and Cascadia Subduction, multi-dimensional time-traveler, multiple timelines, mysterious,


nano technology, nasa, Nemesis, nephelim, nephilim, new beginning, new hamshire, New Moon, new york, nibiru, nimrod, noah, north america, north american plate, northern thunder, november 7, number repetion,


 osiris rex rocket, pacific ocean, panic buying, papa francisco. pope, paranormal activity, permafrost, petad blood moon,


 phenomena, philosophy, pink moon, Planet Nine, Planet X, ‪Pope Francis‬‬, pope mexico day, population control, project blue beam, purim,


quantum, rafaim, red sea and turkey, reduce belly fat,


refugee crisis, refugees, religions, retrograde, meteor, science, scorpion full moon, seismology, september 13, shadow people, shemitah elul 29, shemitah year, silicon, sinkholes, south america, south america tsunami, spain, St. Tropez, stargate, steve quayle, swans, syria, tania gabrielle, teulon, the feast of tabernacles, The Mysterious Matters Radio Program, The Return of Nibiru, the trojan horse trend, The Winged Destroyer News, time travel, Together 2016, tom horn, toronto, tower, toxic water, trans humanism, travel, trend, triangle, tribes, trumpeter swan, tsunami, u pick farms, ufo, unexplained, unsual trends, vancouver, vapor runn, virgin mary apparition, Virginia fireball, washington, water discovery, water sign, wearther warfare, winnipeg, world march, Wormwood, ww3, xenogenesis, Yellowstone, Yellowstone Volcano