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Celestial Trend: Deception Present at The Garden of Eden

Climate Chaos TrendHistory Repetition Trend Nation Against Nation Trend
Celestial Trend: Deception Present at the Garden of Eden Sunday 2017-12-17 9:00 am
#gardenofeden #adamandeve #therapture #newjerusalem #love #peace #yeshua #1thessalonians4:13 #1corinthians15:50 revelation 12:10 1 Thessalonians  5 Psalm 83, Zechariah 12 and Ezekiel 38

God Yeshua Jesus Christ Communicates in Dreams

Curing Others Dream I will share a dream of mine when I was about 12 years old.
That looking back now I believe I was in the Rapture.

Dream Description
 In my dream I was wearing a white long outfit like a doctors outfit.
I was older and I was the only one that I knew wearing the White outfit
I was surrounded with colors of Fire.
I would say now looking back it may have been a description of  Hell.
Now since I have never been to Hell I would not know if that is where I was.

Feeling in Hell or In a Different Planet like Mars?
However in my dream ,
 I felt I was in a different Planet.
 It did not look like Ear…

Deception Trend Mk Ultra

Deception TrendGlobal Control Global Pacts
MK Ultra
Deception Trend Mk Ultra2018-12-12
MK Ultra has existed since the 1960 who knows probably many years before. But just by learning   how medicine  has evolved by doing experiments on animals and humans so has MK Ultra. We know that MK Ultra existed in Canada and United States with strong ties with who knows how many countries. But in essence it started as a way where human beings will one day be the guinea pigs of the technocracy.
But let us play a little fun game . Watch the first and third video below and find out how what  the first two videos are related to something that you see in the third video. This is an awesome way to test your mind into the hidden messages that are right infront of us. Can you relate? When you have the answer and you are a subscriber in youtuhe send a message and share your discovery.

Reporter Who Received CIA’s Declassified MKUltra Documents Reveals All

BREAKING: Gavin McInnes Banned From YouTube After Dee…

Celestial Heavenly Wars Deception Trend Alien Agenda Animal Mutilation 2018

Human CrisisNation Against NationProphecy  Peace Deal TalkBlackoutBiological weather warfare  Chemtrails Q

 Climate Change Deep Unusual Earthquake Trend  Volcano Trend  Hurricane Trend   Fireball Trend     Meteor Trend  Asteroid Trend

Strange Trends  Animal Deaths   Animal Disappearance Animal Mutilation Animal Rescue  Animal Cruelty
Unexplained TrendsBridge CollapsingAnimal Invasion  
 Celestial Heavenly Wars Deception Trend Alien Agenda Animal Mutilation 2018 by Veronica Davis Sunday  2018-09-23  
Human Crisis Peace Deal TalkChemtrails GeoengineeringBiological Warfare

 So with the Observatories shutting down for the public and huge sunspots seen on the sky during that time. I discussed prior the Garanbandal Conchita message of two stars colliding and now there is more proof that it is becoming more and more a celestial sign from above as I will call the battle of Heavenly war is becoming more and more visible. Some are reporting seeing Angels in the skies . I have personally seen thi…

Deception Trend Times Signs and Seasons of 2019 Many Are Wondering

Climate ChangeEarthquakesVolcano EruptionsWild Fires

Human CrisisDisplaced People Around the WorldHuman CaravansStreet Protests  Corrupt Politics
  Unexplained5G DangersAnimal Deaths

 Times Signs and Seasons of 2019 Many Are Wonderingby Veronica Davis@megatrndz  2018-12-05 11:00 am
They Know!
They Know!
But do you!

Secret Codes
Q Trends
Animals Trends
Protests in the Streets

All part of the deception trend

Do not Get Fooled

No of this
Are the Signs
None of this is the Season

It is all part of the Deception
Whatever is a secret to us
Is a deception to us

They Know
Now we too..

The Lord Jesus Christ speaks about the Deception Agenda

 Make sure to visit for the updates you are not alone.

We all know!
Together we will be the light of the World

 #COP24 Could Mean More Than a Hashtag Again the Hidden Hand Dec 4, 2018by Veronica Davis @megatrndz  2018-12-04 6:00 pm
##Geoengineering #solargeoengineering #diamonddust #smartdust #smartagriculture 


UN Global Compact Deception

Depopulation ControlGlobal Control Global Pacts Machivellian Agenda of Your Mind by Veronica Davis 2018-12-11

UN Global Compact Deception World Domination in the making by megatrndz

While there are some for the Caravans there are others around the world that are not happy with what is going within their own backyard. Canada is signing the United Nations Agenda. However this is not a good thing for Canadians because if Canada Signs the Pact, then Canada is loosing nationalism.  It would allow international nations like the United Nations to control the Immigration policy of many countries. It is already doing this as it is promoting the Caravans in Central America. But many of the people whom are from the Caravan claim that they have been deceived. There are strong ties that the Caravans are being manipulated from the United Nations but they do not seem to be financially supporting the people. It is all part of the deception trend many are facing around the world.
This is how they keep us …

Deception Trend Kabbalah Wizards & No Name

Climate Chaos TrendFireball TrendVolcano Eruption Trend Asteroid TrendQ Anon Trend Biological Weapon TrendFalse Missile Alert TrendSinkhole TrendUnusual Earthquake TrendLaser Technology TrendMass Genocide Plan TrendDirect Energy Weapon TrendEmp Attack Trend

Climate Change TrendTectonic Plates Moving Continent Trend Continental Drift Trend  Island Disappearing Trend   

Human Crisis Trend The False Prophet Trend Blackout Trend Weather Warfare Trend The A.I TrendEvacuation Order Trend CME Trend Chem trail TrendAtmospheric Geoengineering TrendWeather Manipulation TrendAccount Suspension Trend
Deception Trend Kabbalah Wizards  by Veronica Davis  2018-08-09
Rick Wiles from Trunews enlightens us with whom the Kabbalah Wizards are? What these Kabbalah Wizards are doing to push the building of the third temple in Israel. Listen to Rick Wiles explain what kind of Deception we are falling in and we may not even know what it is? How it all entails Satanism. How current American President Donald Tru…

The Casting Couch Deception of the Fashion Industry Allegations of Kevin Sorbo and Late fashion Designer Gianni Versace

Exposing the Fashion Industry Trend
The Casting Couch Deception of the Fashion Industry Allegations of Kevin Sorbo and Late Fashion Designer Gianni Versace 2017-11-25

#metoo #ResistanceUnited #SexualPredator #TheResistance #fashion #kevinsorbo #sexualassault #gianniversace #versace

Decades later, popular Actor of Hercules Series Kevin Sorbo exposes Late Fashion Design Mogul Gianni Versace. On October 23, 2017Kevin Sorbo told Adam Corolla about Gianni Versace's 1984 sexual Assault.  Does it make a difference. Should it make a difference. predicts the trend of the fashion industry exposure will soon come knocking at its door just like the Hollywood Empire #metoo . Although it started making headlines in the 1990's from supermodels like Karen Mulder the world only heard whispers and rumors.

Appearances are not what they appear to be in the Fashion Industry. While some fashion models are made to appear as angels on the catwalk. Others have the sweet angelic Fa…