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#humancrisis Q 10 days blackout trend

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The Megatrndz Show Episode 17Thursday 2017-12-28
#disruptions #jesus #q #abortion #fetus #cloning #humancrisis #hybrid #julianassange #bodyparts ##chimeras #storm #michigan #humantrafficking #thestorm  #followthewhiterabbit

Find out how to not sleep with one eye open and invite Jesus into your Heart it is never too late. It is the reason why God came into this form into flesh and blood as Jesus Christ came to warn us of times of beginning of sorrow. Do not miss what is going on in the real World before someone else will tell it the wrong way. Find out for yourself and watch all 7 episodes of December 27, 2017 Megatrndz Show.  God Bless Everyone this restful time of the Season when Jesus Christ was born over 2,000 years and do not forget saying the Rosary will create an extra fortified armour in …

Mysterious Trend Q May June Suicide 2018

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Q Trend June 11, 2018 2018-06-11
#suicide #suicideawareness #NEWQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening  #thecabal

I am not sure who is the Q trend group or person ...but now it has all wondering the obvious. What is  feeding the Spirit Suicide Monster, a mind control process. And those that are near to exposing the deep state... I will tell you why in a second.

The Mysterious trend called Q asks us to look into the suicides happening. We know that there has been two suicides so they call it. Both were public known figure a famous Chef Anthony Bordain and a famous Fashion Designer House Kate Spade. One traveled the world and was known to be well outspoken. The month May prior to that was Avicii bizarre death described further in Or a Better Day. They all had to do with the entertainment industry. Perhaps looking deeper in their places of death is also a key. But why so much attention to so negativity. Because the wicked…

Human Crisis Trend Johnny Depp and Tucson Discovery

Mysterious Trends Q Trends Celestial Event TrendFireballs TrendMysterious Booms

Human Crisis Johnny Depp and Tucson Discovery
Just How is actor Johnny Depp associated to the Tucson latest discovery about a camp used by child trafficking ring. Well through symbols. Not long ago a bloodline survivor of child abuse Cheryl Hersha ties the knots of how the occult works. Cheryl has written a book about her life with her sister and their life being born into an occult family full of wicked traditions . Since her birth in 1961 she shares her life and warns the world about the cult symbolism being in our face. Watch and listen to the March 16, 2018 video in Red Pill Channel" #Illuminati #Whistleblower #SRA Survivor Cheryl Hersha Interview, VL Reloaded W/ Jim & Angie ".


#Illuminati #Whistleblower #SRA Survivor Cheryl Hersha Interview, VL Reloaded W/ Jim & Angie

Another interesting video is by SGreport called SOMETH…

Q Anon Trend