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Extinction Trend: Will the Amazon Rainforest Disappear Soon

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Extinction Trend:  Will the Amazon Rainforest Disappear Soonby Veronica Davis
Rio de Janeiro's Day has been turned into Night as  the World's lungs are in critical danger. This sounds like a biblical prophecy.

20 percent of the world's oxygen is being extinct

A manmade catastrophe a blame of climate change?

(August 27 2019 10:00 central)  Forty thousand species affected and 10 percent of the world biodiversity could soon be part of historical books no longer part of a future exploration. Who is protection the Rainforests and forests around the World home of wildlife ? 
Weather warfare Trend

Weather Manipulation We all know what Forest fires brings Evacuations and then Emergency Declarations. It is like we are living a world of movement, displacement, homeless, and nationless people. In the last few years there were trends of the wild fires being caused by la…

Animals Facing Extinction Trend: Royal Turtle

Animals Facing Extinction Trend: Should We Blame it on the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster 2018-02-24 by Veronica Davis 

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The Save Animals Facing Extinction tweets today the third royal turtle nest found in the past two years. PHNOM PENH (Reuters) states that Wildlife experts in Cambodia have discovered a nest with 16 eggs built by the nearly extinct “royal turtle”, in the first such discovery this year, the non-profit Wildlife Conservation (WCS) Society said on Monday. Contradictory to the article that by not eating their meat and eggs will save these ocean creatures is not what will save them. Only our Lord Jesus Christ can bring them back to life.

But what is not being spoken about are the man made disasters around the Pacific Ocean and how it has affected the ocean living life.  Try to search a video on youtube on the fukushima nuclear disaster 2017 and you will find over About 196,000 results. Why is…

Human Crisis Eight Monsters Humanity is Under Extinction Level

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 Human Crisis  Eight Monsters  Humanity Under Extinction Levelby Veronica Davis Thursday 2018-10-11

Today there are 8 monsters brewing in the ocean waters all at the same time. The potential disaster each one will create is imminent. No longer can we say it in avoidable as it never was as it the days of Noah. So the only true thing we can do is to ask Yahweh Jesus Christ to guide us to where we are suppose to go in life. Lead us to guidance oh Lord.

#michael#sergio#nadine#leslie#luban#titlin#callum not much is known about the no…

Getting Close to Extinction Level CME Disaster

Climate Chaos Getting Closer to Extinction Level CME Disasterby Veronica Davis 2019-05-16
May 6- 16 2019 Solar Storms Severe Level closer to Extinction

If you are wondering why helicopters are falling down, airplanes crashing and flights full when they are not, and aurora lights  all have in common one thing is for sure, the sun?

( Thursday May 16, 2019) Today it is the last day of the largest Solar Flare

On May 10, 2019 Solar Rare blue aurora lights was seen from Alberta, Canada all the way to the Great Lakes Michigan, United States. If you are wondering why the word rare is being used here is because it is due to a Solar Flare hitting the Earth not seen since 10 to 20 years ago. This event is not only rare it is dangerous, the solar spot is called sunspot AR2740  .

Solar sunspot AR2740 left on May 6, 2019 . The AR2740  arrived on Friday May 10, 2019

Megatrndz has theCME Trend to explain it all.

While it was a decent 15 degree Celsius is the mid Canadian province it is reaching almost a…