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4 Unusual Ocean Quake Trend April 2019

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 4 Unusual Ocean  Quake Trend April 2019 2019-04-06
10 km Depth Earthquake Trend 0 km Earthquake Depth Trend Unusual Deep Earthquake Trend

Four mysterious ocean quakes have occurred today. So what are they a secret space operation a military exercise, fireballs from the skies? Is this some microwave weapon or something more than weaponry but nothing more than God's Hand.

Saturday April 6 2019, 12:03:33 UTC just a little over9 hours ago located on …

Unusual Deep Earthquake trend December 2018

jamaica and cuba new 7.7 earthquaking 10 depth km trend

Climate Chaos: Unusual Earthquake Trend

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Climate Chaos: Unusual Earthquake Trend L'Esperance Rock
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TRUTH about Climate Chaos Something More!
In a very quiet area deep in the middle of the Ocean lies something more than just water.
Unusual deep ocean quakes have been occurring and now high magnitude earthquakes.

Could these large quakes be a warning to the smaller quakes occurring all day long today in Hawaii. Every minute Hawaii minor quakes continued from morning until night. Until 21 UTC time several large 6.5 earthquakes were detected near Hawaii in an area on the Kermadec Islands called  L'Esperance Rock. Earthquakes can be natural phenomena or they can be an anomaly cre…

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