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Bible Prophecy Trend: Anti- Boycott Countries Israel

Bible Prophecy Trend: Anti Boycott Countries Israel 2017-11-17 7:00 pm updated  2017-11-19 10 am
It is the beginning of what does not make any sense to few. It is leaving many speechless and confused however the bigger historical picture need to be taken into consideration. Truly,  We are living  Biblical Times.  Surely it makes sense to boycott a country that is considered a terrorist country like North Korea. President Donald Trump a few months ago called out for countries to stop doing business with Terrorist countries.

And now it is time to defend non terrorist countries like Israel.   The United States and Spain are making it loud and clear where they stand in defending Israel. Canada is a little shy when it comes to exposing their strong point of views leaving it to the courts to vaguely determine is it illegal to boycott Israel. Is it discriminatory and antisemitic. In the following information you will find out where all these countries are standing when it comes to Israel.

In S…

500 year old Ancient Bloody Chant in Canadian Soil

Nation Against Nation Trend: 500 year old Ancient Bloody Chant in Canadian Soil November 20, 2017 
Read AlsoBible Prophecy Trend: Anti Boycott Countries Israel

Arabic chants Celebration or Fear Incided

Looking at the trends of the United States, Canada, and other countries around the World involved in Ancient Hatred Chants, Anti-Boycotting Israel, Boycott Israel, BDS,  Palestine Action Group

Anytime you are yelling out blood, its hatred folks. Case Closed. Whatever group you are.

An outrage and cries seen in chants should it be ignored. Should 500 year chants be considered ok even though they are 500 years old. Anytime the word "blood" is mentioned mixed with hatred for another nation seems outrages.

On November 16, 2017 The Toronto Sun WARMINGTON: Arabic chants at rally spark police probe writes about the chants being shouted in the Streets of Missisagua, Ontario as :

This came about as a result of a complaint from B’nai Brith Canada, which called “on the City of Missis…

Abuse of Power Trend: homesexual , gender -bending and Christian and Catholic Summer Jobs and Funding

Abuse of Power Trend: Abortion, Homesexual , Gender -bending and Summer Jobs Funding  by Veronica Davis 2018-03-15

Watch and listen to veronica davis discussthe Abuse of Power Trend megatrndz show S2 Episode 17 on youtube.

What does Abortion , homesexual , gender -bending and Christian and Catholic Summer Jobs and Funding have to do with each other. Well they are all caught in the spider's web and just who is the black widow spinning the web.

Is Canada becoming a nation where it will soon be secular. If you look to the Middle Eastern countries where countries are led by dictators. Where religion has ruled with an iron fist.

Now lets turn that upside down and let us analyze the direction of Modern Canada. Thus, Canada is heading the wrong direction mirroring just that. And yet Canadian Government has never ruled with an iron fist. So you think Canada believes in multiculturalism, diversity, religions, where we are one all get along respect rights and belief of a modern Nation.

You kn…