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Mysterious Metal Towers Trend

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ISIS Claims Responsibility For Las Vegas Deadliest Massacre in American History

515 people wounded and over 58 plus dead in Las Vegas Massacre
Mysterious Metal Towers Appear in New YorkMonday October 2, 2017 2:00 pm
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CBS New York did a report about the mysterious metal objects but still did not answer any questions for the public. Watch next video called Mysterious Metal Towers. But is it really a mystery.

All you got to say is " I said no comment" and the topic becomes a trend. This past week, strange towers all over New York has left people investigating. It is almost like they took an oath of secrecy. However, they are all hard to miss, when they all seem to be located at the entrances of New York City's Queens Midtown and Brooklyn Battery tunnels and metal towers stamped with the Empire State's seal.A…

The False Prophets: The System

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The False Prophets: The System by Veronica Davis on 2017-12-22 1:33 pm

A few days back we looked as how the false prophets that Jesus Christ warned us about were in multitudes.
Jesus spoke directly to each of us that we would encounter false prophets through out our lives.
People not speaking the truth are considered false prophets.
How one may ask
Well deceivers change history.
Jesus came to this Earth to release us of our burdens such as what is known as a Sin.
How can we release each other of sin.
Jesus tells us that by repentance.
To understand further read about

We are constantly being deceived with fake news.
The media comes in a form of a prophet .
Prophets speaks truth.
Prophets speak words of God when they say the truth.

We all look into the media to find truth.
To find meaning of why things happened on that day.
We know longer rationalize.
This happ…

Do you Know Really Know the Genealogy of Jesus Christ All changes saved.

Celestial Trends Mysterious TrendsMysterious Veil TrendMysterious Shroud Trend  Miraculous Appearances Trend
Geneaology of Jesus The Messiah, the Son of David, the Son of Abraham

There are Many Believers who do not know where Jesus Yeshua came from.
With the Sacred Bible being the record keeper of Genealogy.
You will find in new videos today with titles of Archaeology trying to see if Jesus existed 2,000 years.

 A twenty something young woman who I was acquainted with always seem to be quiet and always looked upset.

One time in conversation with her I got to the root of her problem. She began to confide in me telling me that she was angry at her Pastor and that her Aunt was a Catholic and  believed in Angels. She began talking about the Sacred Bible saying the book could have been made up or something in those terms. Well I am a very believer of Jesus Christ coming from strong background and faith since the minute I took my first breath into this Earth. I never once questioned Jesus Ch…