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4 Unusual Ocean Quake Trend April 2019

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 4 Unusual Ocean  Quake Trend April 2019 2019-04-06
10 km Depth Earthquake Trend 0 km Earthquake Depth Trend Unusual Deep Earthquake Trend

Four mysterious ocean quakes have occurred today. So what are they a secret space operation a military exercise, fireballs from the skies? Is this some microwave weapon or something more than weaponry but nothing more than God's Hand.

Saturday April 6 2019, 12:03:33 UTC just a little over9 hours ago located on …

10 km depth earthquake Trend May 2019 Trend

Climate Chaos Unusual Earthquake Trend Hawaii and California

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Climate Chaos Unusual Earthquake Trend Hawaii and California  Monday 2018-09-17  12:30 pm
What are the - signs in the Earthquake Analysis
This minus depth earthquakes has become normal types of quakes in California this past year. But now it is happening  in Hawaii today.

An explanation into a  negative depth can sometimes be an artifact of the poor resolution for a shallow event or quarry blast. In Nevada, explosions has been reported where there is 0 km depth earthquake. Sounds more like man made earthquakes.

Why look at the minus signs, I have always noticed that it is the tiny details in life that leads to a bigger disas…