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EMP Attack Trend

Everyone is waiting for an EMP Attack its one of the latest talking trend all over North America.
Its just a matter of when. EMP stands for Electronic  Magnetic Pulse. It is believed that there will be an attack to national security in the near future.

"They say that if the internet goes down all of world will come to a stand still but preppers will be the last one standing... because of a powergrid" George Noorey on Coast to Coast AM states on August 25, 2015 radio talk show.

 Jim Bakker talks to Dr. William Forstchen about EMP Attack on U.S  and what does it mean in response to the article written on August 13, 2015 North Korea: Iran's Pathway to a Nuclear weapon. The discussion begins at 4 min on the Ready Now Expo- Fall 2015 Day 11- Dr William Forstchen , John Shorey aired August 18, 2015. Russia has been in the business in selling bombs as described in the article Russia opens way to missiles deliveries to Iran, Starts Oil for Goods Swap.  As well as in the artic…