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Climate Chaos Trend Jan Feb 2019

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Climate Chaos Trend Jan Feb 2019 part 12019-02-22

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Feb 9, 2019 Babadan Indonesia opens up near bridge.
Feb 9, 2019 Iquique Chile after the severe rain.

Landslide and Mudslide

On Sunday Feb 3, 2019 Sucre , Bolivia

Video: Mudslide sweeps people away after days of heavy rain
A number of people trying to cross a mountain pass in the area of Sucre, #Bolivia, were swept away by a sudden mudslide on — On The News Line (@OnTheNewsLine) February 5, 2019
Feb 13 2019 Chama, Ramban, India
Dramatic and Dangerous Landslide in India kills 45 people. Watch video at 1:41 Two Preachers channel Something strange in Cali…

Climate Change Military Tribunals In Gitmo Deep State Cabal

Climate Change: Yellowstone Park Area Closed, Canada Park Endangered and Deep Earthquakes Trend Fiji

Climate Change Trend: Agenda 21 California Fire Victims Forced to Sell

Movie Trend Full Moon Disaster Correlation TrendCME Trend 
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Biological Weapon TrendFalse Missile Alert Trend
Sinkhole Trend

Climate Change Trend: Agenda 21 California Fire Victims Forced to SellFebruary 2, 2018

On January 30, 2018 Concerned citizens of California have come together to express their safety, and legal concerns driven after the California Historical of October 2017 fires. What were the existing secretive social engineering microwave space programs prior to the California fires .

So far California fire victims legal and social fight is far from over. Now the community is facing the next phase after a disaster.

So why the was California targeted.
What are the driving forces for the community and how are they pursuing justice out of the injustice.

Concerned Claims of Citizens after California His Fires

Reverse 911 Calls Health Concers Surveys
Mosquito West Nile virus
What Insuranc…

Megatrndz Show Episode 5

Supernatural Trend >> More Trends: Climate Change Trend >> Coral Bleaching Trend
Megatrndz Show Episode 5  Thursday  2017-11-30
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Megatrnd Show Episode 5 part 1: Reviewing Christmas Songs #littledrummerboy #christmas #songs #megatrndz
Megatrndz Show Episode 5 Reviewing Christmas Songs

Megatrndz Show Episode 5 part 2 #canada #americans #coalition

Today Rogue Nation  North Korea is showing off photos of intercontinental missile. Where are they hiding so many missiles. Where are the missiles hitting. Even the experts are  saying that no one really knows what will happen to the environment where it is hitting.

Also read more on North Korea Missile Launches on megatrndz

Missile Flies over Japan August 29, 2017
More on searching missile north korea topic

On November 20, 2017 TruNews Streamed live on Nov 30, 2017
Jihad Christmas, Kim's Got a Warhead, and Baby, It's Gonna Get Cold viewed 4,142


It is Not the End Renewel is Around The Corner

Global Warming Trend >> Climate Change Trend >> Coral Bleaching Trend
It is Not the End Renewel is Around The Corner   Wednesday 2017-11-22
#globalwarming  #climatechange #CoralBleaching #greenpeace

Humanity is connected to the loss  of nature and people are feeling the pain. Feelings of discouragement and depression takes a toll on professionals working with nature. Perhaps waking up with the current situation and creating awareness and helping the world healing by not purchasing items that hurt wildlife and nature. Perhaps it is not too late. It is never too late. With God's Grace there will be a revival in nature and wild and ocean life.

On this date green peace let us know how important to warn others about the seriousness of climate change. On November 14, 2017 Toronto Newspaper reports:

  A day after 15,000 scientists from 184 countries issued a warning to all of humanity about the dire consequences of climate change, many of us woke up as we usually do, and w…

Hurricane Ophelia heading to Ireland, Wales, UK, October 16, 2017 on Twitter on facebook on Google Plus

MEGATRNDZ  >  Climate ChaosTrends >  Hurricane Trend>  Hurricane Ophelia heading to the Ireland, Whales, UK October 16. 2017

Top News: 32 ft waves Hurricane Ophelia Expected to hit Ireland, Wales, and UK 10:00 am Monday October 16, 2017 


Hurricane Trend:   Hurricane Ophelia heading to Ireland, Wales, UK October 16, 2017!
Climate Chaos Trend: More Hurricanes Alert
Climate Change Trend: World Ocean Waters Reporting October 14, 2017


State of Emergency Trend:  California Historical Fires over 20 Dead
Las Vegas Massacre: What happened to Mysterious Mandalay Hotel Security Guard Jesus Campos! October 13, 2017
Ritual Sacrifice Trend:  Las Vegas Shooting
Climate Change Trend:  October 12 2-17 Trending News
Hurricane Trend: Hurricane Nate United States Coastline Impact
Ritual Sacrifice Trend:  Las Vegas Shooting
Solar Magnetic Storms Trend: Earthquakes Correlation