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Animal Cruelty to Love

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  Animal Cruelty to LoveVeronica Davis Tuesday  2018-10-02 

Animals should be loved no matter what. God gave us authority over the beasts but this did not mean to be cruel to them. What God meant was that we had the power to dictate with love. Yesterday I watched with amusement a small squirrel eating an apple. I said hello and I knew it knew of my presence but it was too busy eating. It did not run away because it knew it was not in danger.
Its cuteness made me  laugh as I left it alone.  I knew it was the squirrel's lunch time it was noon. So just like us humans eat lunch at lunchtime so do the wi…

Petition Trending

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  Petition Trending!   2017-09-26- 7:00 pm 
#AnimalCruelty #loveALLanimals #BeKind #belove #iamchoosinglove

A petition trending is the Animal Cruelty Free Exhibition at the Guggenheim. It really is worth signing. The concern with all these exhibitions so called art is not just the animals. But what are the people thinking. Is there some enjoyment in watching animals be raged. The petition has already received 678,406 supporters as of September 26, 2017. The Petition is started by Stephanie Lewis in the United States. Why would American Express ever support Animal Cruelty? It is no surprise this type of odd behaviour in China because in China they eat Dogs but American Express. What is the odd association with American Pit Bulls?

The Exhibition at the Guggenheim begins in October 6, 2017 is set to run for three months.Where there will be american pill bull dogs "facing off against one another, running "at" each other but…