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Mysterious Booms Trend 2017 on on Twitter on on Google Plus

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Heavenly Fireballs Seen This Weekend Worldwide November 27, 2017
Over 40 Fireballs seen in Past 24 Hours Tuesday 2017-11-21 1:00 am
Heavenly Fireballs Seen This Weekend Worldwide November 27, 2017
Megatrndz Show Celestial Event Trend Tuesday 2017-11-21
Strange Lights over Phoenix Arizona 2017-11-16

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Mysterious Booms 2017
Megatrndz Show Episode 6

Megatrndz Show Episode 6 aired 2017 12 01 9 34 54 AM

It happened around 8:30 pm reported on social media. Dogs began barking first. Then people felt the boom but seismic activity is not unusual.
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Episode 3: Heavenly Fireballs In the Episode 3 of The Megatrndz Show, hosted by Veronica Davis discusses worldwide heavenly fireballs falling from up above . Many witnesses mysteriously report loud booms. How to do the Rosary. Why the Rosary creates miracles. They say it is illegal to feed the Homeless if you do not have a license. Isis continues human trafficking. North Korea Missile Threat what is the United States and Canada saying.  Originally Aired Tuesday November 28, 2017. Read more at  Heavenly Fireballs Seen This Weekend Worldwide

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