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Frozen Embryo Trend: 24 year old Embryo Born

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Frozen Embryo Trend: 24 year old Embryo Born TodayMiracle Vs Scienceby Veronica Davis Wed 2017-12-20 
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Frozen In Time nor Frozen Embryo for 24 years

Frozen in Time Not Frozen Embryo
24 year old Embryo Born Today

While Emma Wren is being called a Miracle Baby meanwhile twitter corporation calls the moment Cool News. Are we also redefining the term miracle. Jesus Christ being born from a  Virgin is a miracle. But science being defined as performing miracles is plain bizarre. Emma was born in November 25, 2017 but the news is just hitting the news as if there was the debate of whether it should be kept secret or not.

Unnatural Births

Babies Births are no longer natural and it will become a new trend in the years to come from trans humanism to genetically modified.

 Is anyone asking questions why Twitter is considering it as a moment. Because this moment is impor…