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Megatrndz Book Volume 1  2017- 2018

⦁ Read more  trends created by society in 2017 and 2018
  • Trends are not created by marketing or propaganda
  • Trends created by real people not by bots or algorithms
⦁  Megatrndz Book Volume 1⦁ contact author

The online readership keeps on growing but it is free now. However, the website is updating new social trends and the 2017 and 2018 and 2019 trends will be available offline all compiled in different volumes. Order by sending an email to or go to twitter and send a msg to megatrndz twitter page.

Great for anyone who is trying to understand what is going on in society. 

Great for historians and analysts. 

Mega Trends in 2017 and 2018

megatrndz website has over 100 trends
A great buy if you do not have the time to read all 100 plus trends online .

The Lights can go out any time, history can be manipulated anytime but trends cannot.
Trends speak the truth.
Give yourself the opportunity to read what really happened in 2017-2018.
You need to know before it is re-written.

Purchase the hardcopy print today.

  Trends Around the World

Investigative reporters around the world come forward with the wildest trends out there. Explained and Unexplained  recent 2017, 2018 events  and trends. Individuals and citizens around the world with bizarre real stories. The public is talking. covers all trends that the social media has picked up on that is why Megatrndz  Book Volume 1 2017- 2018 by Veronica Davis will soon be published. How important is it for you to own one.

The does not support trends that do not have credibility.

Fake News Alert

Believe it or not Fake News is a category in itself becoming the latest trend beginning at the end of 2016 during the Donald Trump Election. Megatrndz does not support Fake News from various sources in which it will claim its discourse. Fake News was created to keep the truth from being spread. understands the basis of what is truth to the believer and those who are the faithful believers of God Almighty Jesus Christ. Even Jesus Christ said that he spoke the Truth.