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Nation Against Nation Trend American Drone hit by Iran

 Nation Against Nation Trend 

(2019-06-2010:30 am Central) Tehran, Iran-

The Nation Against Nation trend continues to heat up in the Middle Eastern skies. Tensions between Iran and United States hit an ultimate high this morning at 4:05 am when it is  reported that Iran shoots down an Unarmed American drone on International waters in the Straight of Hormuz located in the Persian Gulf–Gulf of Oman Coordinates 26°34′N 56°15′E.

 Just yesterday President of the US, Donald Trump had said in a conference that they are definitely prepared. On Monday the United States deployed 1000 extra troops to the region. Today the United States President, says "Big Mistake" .

 So what will occur next after, an Iranian Revolutionary Guard has shot down a RQ4 Global Hawk flying over Iranian Skies.

Wether or not  it was a spy U.S drone or not as claimed by Iran, shooting down a drone is intentional.

The tension between Iran's President Hassan Rouhani and U.S President Donald Trump goes way back from the beginning of the U.S Presidency. The Iranian President has called U.S President a dog over news conferences.

It has been 40 years of opening up a wound since the Revolution. This could be a biblical sign of where the direction will go in the next few years.

"The Banking system in Iran could collapse if they don't find some relief..Iran has been calling for the death of Israel,..Iran  has called a death of United States" says  Lt. Col. Bob Maginnis (US Army, Ret.) in a Skywatch News interview Thursday.

Five in Ten 6/20/19: LTC Robert Maginnis - Showdown in the Persian Gulf

Yesterday 19 trains holding grenades derailed in Cleveland Ohio.

Map of Strait of Hormuz with maritime political boundaries (2004)

On June 14, 2019 Mike Pompeo says that  the Islamic Republic of Iran is responsible for attacks that occured in Gulf of Oman on June 14, 2019